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The City State Magera

No description

Social Studies

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of The City State Magera

The City State Megara
Introduction to Megara
As said before Megara was part of Corinth but it became independent. Megara is on the western side of a strip of land the peninsulas of Attica and Peloponnesus. Megarians built ports on all sides. From there Megarians were able to bargain with people for passage and place tolls on trade ships. It also had a very profitable trade industry, these together Megara became a great commercial trade center in sixth and seventh century BCE. Megara also colonized throughout the Mediterranean including a famous city called Byzantium founded by Byzas. Although Megara had lots of wealth not everyone had the same amount of money causing poverty in some places.
A important Megarian of the sixth century is Eupalinos. He was one of the best engineers in ancient Greece . He oversaw the construction of a remarkable 3,432 foot tunnel through a mountain on a island of Salmos! His slaves building the tunnel had to use hand tools! He had a big role because he was the designer and looked over what his slaves did. One more important Megarian is Theagenes who was a powerful rich greek. He decided to criticize the rich and to help lead the poor. Eventually he overthrew the government and helped the less fortunate, but eventually the rich deposed him. The rich's actions caused a revolution over Theagenes. After this the property of the rich was confiscated and reforms were introduced.
Megara played a leading role in the Greek history of war. In 431BCE Megara angered Athens which then banned all of Megarians goods from its shops. Because of this, Megara did not make as much profit/money so the Megarians asked Sparta to make Athens open up their markets again to Megara's goods. Once Athens refused, Sparta and Athens declared war at each other which later turned out to be the Peloponnesian War which lasted 27 years long!
Many of the Greek people lived in a independent city state/polis. They paid money to their polis and it granted them safety, inclusion, and a full life. The people that lived in Megara were called Megaraians. Megara is a very respected polis and it once was apart of another very well respected city state called, Corinth. Megara has a advantage on the geographical location. Megara colonized all over the Mediterranean sea. Even though Megara was wealthy in some areas in the polis it wasn't like that throughout the polis. Some Megarians were very poor and were homeless. Even though Megara has flaws, it is a very good city state.
About Megara
Once again on top
Megara prospered again in fourth century B.C.E. after the Peloponnesian war. They started to mine and make their own coins with Apollo's head on one side and a lyre on the other. Eucleides another famous Megarian founded the Philosophical School of Megara. At this school the students were taught about the great Philosopher Socrates. Individual Moral was considered the most important thing at this school besides the teachings. Whenever the great Philosopher Socrates was executed in Athens, one of his students Plato came to stay with Eucleides.
Famous Megarians
By now you can see that Megara is a wonderful city-state. It had a long prospering time and was a key polis in the ancient greek economy. We hope you enjoyed learning about our wondrous city state!
By: Grace, Kayden, Kye, Wade, and Tristan
By: Kayden, Grace, Tristan, Wade, and Kye
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