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Special Effect/Makeup Artist

By: Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Special Effect/Makeup Artist

a) The level of schooling needed for this type of career, other than a High School degree, nothing is really needed. You can sign up for cosmetology classes, but for a Special Effects Artist you have to have at least 4 years of college in this certain field.
b) They have a Living Arts College in Durham. An Art Institutes, also located in Durham, North Carolina, where you can earn a degree, training, and education in this career. An estimated 4 year cost at current tuition is $90,272.
c) There are no tests or exams, need in this field. All you need is your degree or certification in this career. Just have the talent, the degree, then you are all set for your career after you find yourself a job as a makeup/special effects artist Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 A typical day in the life of a makeup artist... Start General Career information - Advancement for a makeup/special effects artist, often means working on a bigger set. With a higher paying job/project.
-There are different types of artist though.
-Examples: Amateur, rookie, and a pro.
-So, these would be your advancement, a bigger title. Salary/Earnings/Benefits Special Effects/Makeup Artist By: Faith Johnson The Educational/Training requirements. Opportunities for Advancement a) The type of skills and work in this job needed is being very artistic. You need to be a very good artist, and have the ability of imagination. b) The location for this type of career is Hollywood. The most jobs are also found there. c) Makeup Artist usually work 10-17 hours a day.
Maybe even longer if they are on a movie set, or doing a photo shoot. So they can work at least up to 70 hours a week. d) There are hundreds of people in this field. So you're lucky if you get a job on a set or even the occasional photo shoot. e) The job growth and outlook for the future is not very promising to many. The growth right now is at 2.9%. Very low. f) A makeup artist can earn $25.88 an hour or more. And
can make $37,000 a year. A great thing about being a makeup artist, is that you are your own boss! You decide which projects/jobs you want to do, or you can get offered jobs, if you are really good. You decide your vacation days! But you have no benefits, you provide for yourself. The earnings can be very little, or very large depending on the type or the size of the project you are working on. So if you are on a photo shoot, that could be a smaller pay, than on a movie set. If you become a professional in this career and work on a famous movie set, or a major motion picture, you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars a day. You do not have an annual pay increase, you get paid depending on the type of project you're working on. Your hours are very flexible, but not flexible if you have a project/set to be at, at a certain time. You also retire when you want to, but you don't have a retirement fund. Wake up, get ready, and go to set/project.
Do the clients makeup.
Wait while they take pictures/film.
Touch up all clients makeup/special effects.
This can go on for hours at a time. So after they finish their day of filming/shooting, you can go home, or do whatever you would like to. Sources! Random Fact: the makeup artists made $1,000 dollars a day on the movie set of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. For 75 consecutive days that were at most, 17 hours long. "Job Description of a Special Effects Artist,"
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