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zooe carter

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Deforestation

Deforestation what? where? WHY? Facts. AFFECT who and what? Deforestation is when you clear natural forests by logging or burning them. Logging happens in many places in the world . Some of those places include: Brazil Borneo indonesia Deforestation happens for numerous reasons. Trees are used as, or sold for fuel. Cleared land is used as pastures for livestock. THE CLEARED LAND IS ALSO USED TO START SETTLEMENTS, AND GROW PLANTATIONS. Deforestation has affected the animals living in the forests as their habitat has been demolished. leading to EXTINCTION has contributed to: Global warming more green house gasses •Deforestation reduces soil quality and results in soil erosion and flooding. The land's capacity to hold ground water shrinks with the depleting forest cover. Deforested areas witness surface runoff and increased sub-surface flow.

Not all deforestation is intentional.
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