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Deciduous/ Temperate Forest Travel Brochure

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Courtney Stack

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Deciduous/ Temperate Forest Travel Brochure

to see
you soon! Courtney Stack
Honors Biology
Period 8
Perfect Weather Around 86 degrees Farenheit in the summer and 75 to 150 cm of precipitation yearly, the temperate forest, also known as the deciduous forest, is a great summer vacation spot for any family! An Extensive Array of Plants Where are the Deciduous Forests Located? Fun Activities at the Layers of Vegetation oak trees
hickory trees
maple trees
shrubs (Azalea), (Holly)
wildflowers & ferns Numerous Animals Deer
Bald Eagle
Wood Frog
Leopard Frog
Spotted Salamander
Jefferson Salamander
Field Mouse
Squirrel Eastern half of North America Middle of Europe and Russia Eastern China and Japan Chile and Middle East Coast of Paraguay Southeastern
New Zealand Make the right decision: Deciduous Forest. Experience it! Canopy Understory Forest Floor Tree climb to the top of the canopy! Maple, oak, elm, and hickory trees have branches which start low to the ground which can support the weight of a human. Camp on the forest floor! The weather does not vary much from day to night. Gather fruit, nuts, and fungi! Deciduous forests are home to many edible fruits, but be careful as some nuts and fungi are poisonous. Deciduous/
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