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Quality Control in Cannabis Dispensaries

No description

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Quality Control in Cannabis Dispensaries

Quality Control in Cannabis Dispensaries
Presented by: Bryan Willkomm
General Manager
Humboldt Patient Resource Center (H.P.R.C.)

Develop Your Culture
Who are you?

What are your goals?

Improve the lives of your staff and community.
Mission Statement
Humboldt Patient Resource Center Mission Statement:
"To deliver the highest quality medicine possible, safe access, and to empower our patients with information."
Your employees are your most valuable assets

They support your culture

They deliver value to patient interactions
Procedures Based on
Quality Control
Have Standard Operating Procedures for daily operations based around your culture of quality

Create daily logs to record useful information

Set Lab Testing Requirements
Define Medicine
Proposition 215 is for MEDICAL MARIJUANA not Recreational

Scientific based internal quality standard

You will be working with sick patients!

Provide Medicine!
Part of a Community
A dispensary is a business within a community.

Be part of that community and align with its culture!
Triple Bottom Line
Each business decision should consider:
Social Factors
Environmental Factors
Financial Factors
Educate Employees
Ensure your staff knows your mission statement and aligns with your company culture.
Decision Making
Use your mission statement to help guide you in daily decision making. Stay aligned with your company goals.
Influence The Future
The cannabis industry is a developing industry.

New businesses are the industry leaders and will be setting the example for future businesses.

Be a positive influence.
Suggested Training
Clean Green Certification
Serv-Safe Food Handling
Proper dosage information (based on science not anecdotal evidence)
Compliance Training
Lab result interpretation training
Patient Services

Garden Staff

Processing Packaging

Daily Operations
Patient Information Management
Tracking of Medicine and Daily Reconciliation
Conserving Integrity of Medicine
First In First Out (FIFO)
Delivering Information to Patients
Develop Membership Code of Conduct
Managing Compassion Program (Patient needs vs. Supply)
Point of Sale
Point of Sale (POS) system is integral to quality control
Lab Testing
Medicine must be screened for at minimum:

Arcata Culture:
Environmentally Conscious
Compassionate Populace
It is NOT all about profit!
A strong revenue stream can be produced from ethical operations.

HPRC is a not for profit company.
Attention to details
Interested in Healthcare/Wellness
Hire Medical Patients!
Tracking inventory
Tracking financials
Ensuring Patient 215 Compliance
Recording Cultivation/Lab Reporting info
Patient History and Personalized Profile

Labs can be hundreds of miles away. Turnaround time can be up to 7 days!
Supply can be limited by slow T.A.T.
3rd Party Certification
Be Transparent

Stand Behind Your Products

Clean Green Certification

Americans for Safe Access

Certified Kind
Quality Control of Products
Flower Buds
Testing Services
Ensuring Proper Labeling
Cannabinoid Testing
Suggested Dosages
List of Ingredients
Expiration date
Nutritional facts
Safe Packaging
Opaque Packaging
Promote conscious use
Easy to portion
Don't appeal to children
Safe Storage
Identify Extraction Process

Lab Tested Results

Suggested Dosage

Safe Storage

Quality of Container

Proper Care (Pest, Propagation Selection, Type of Cut)
Proper Genetic Labeling
Cultivation Information
Cannabinoid Profile
On staff gardener for questions
Medicine! (Juicing Material)

Temperature/Moisture control
F.I.F.O inventory management
Importance of Information
Connection to Breeder
Correct Storage
Diversity of Genetics
Non-Feminized and Feminized
Challenges with Feedback Loop
HPRC currently uses 3-4 Cannabis Testing Labs
H.P.R.C. is currently a drop point for Cannabis Testing Labs

This empowers patients to have medical information about their personal harvest

Promote the quality culture based in science!

Quality of reporting system to patients may fall onto the dispensary. (Intake sheets, Reporting Sheets)

Cultivation Techniques
-Organic Soil
-Watering Techniques
-Never use toxic pesticides
-Compost Teas vs. Concentrated Fertilizers
-Forecasting Flowering Times
-Maximizing Light efficiency
Pest Management System
-Never use toxic chemical pesticides
-Provide an optimal environment
-Use technology
-Record information, stick to regiment
-Include procedures for inspections at each stage of production
Optimal Harvest
Harvest at peak maturity (or desired medical effect)
Proper flowering time management ensures supply for patients
Aim to preserve quality from moment plant is cut
Pay attention to CBG conversion
Proper Cure, Trim, and Packaging
Batch Labeling and ID information
Ensure desired level of moisture has been met
Aim to preserve terpene profile
Prevent growth of fungal contaminants
Prevent foreign debris
Store away from light
Prevent degradation of cannabinoid profile
Lab Testing and Screening
Cannabis is not ready for consumption until it has been screened for:
Potency (Cannabinoid Profile)
Mold/Mildew (Fungal)
Pesticides (Chemical)

Lab Testing T.A.T

Have a procedure for destroying unsafe medicine.
Lab Tested Results

Clear labeling of ALL ingredients

Understanding herbal ingredients applications

Quality packaging (consider arthritic patients)

Diveristy of applications (Oils, Salves, Lotions, Sprays, Bathing Salts, Chapsticks, etc)
Patient Feedback Loop
Listen to the needs of your patients

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn about the efficacy of suggested cannabis
Provide a place for comments
Suggestion Box
Online Forum
Website Comments
Provide Wellness Literature. Improve the quality of life!

Promote Education! Empower your staff and patients!
Information and Communication
You are controlling:
Quality of Products
Quality of Patient Experience
Continuous Improvement
Supply Chain Relationship Management
Vendor Relationships

Lab Relationships

Local Doctors

Garden Materials

Packaging Materials


Technology Providers

Special Considerations:
Source of medicine
(Does your vendor match up to your mission statement?)
Labeling Products
Reporting Lab Results
Batch Labels
Strain Labels
Warning Labels
Attending Medical Seminars
Network with doctors

Reviewing new medical research

Keeping updated on technology

Adapting to Patient's Needs

Changes in legal environment

Inventory/Quality Manager
Point of Sale
Inventory/Quality Manager
Vendor Feedback Loop
Maintaining Online Menus
Responding to Patient Reviews
Diversity of Patient's requests:
Water Hash
CO2 Oil
Inform Patients:
Extraction Method
Chemicals Used
Lab Testing Results of Cleanliness
Lack of Long Term BHO studies
Physical Therapy
Info Handouts
Share info with patients
Gives patients confidence
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