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We Beat the Street Analysis Project

No description

Vijay Patel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of We Beat the Street Analysis Project

Vijay Patel We Beat The Street Illustration Explanation of Quote Choice Summary Conflict 2 Conflict 1 Character 1 Character 2 The quote in the illustration symbolizes the theme of the novel. The three characters had many things in common, but the biggest commonality was that they had a challenge to escape the drug life and get an education. All three of them had gotten into these types of problems before, but I just chose one of them. Sampson had almost gotten into a drug dealing business with his friend Spud, but he realized if he started it he would continue it for the rest of his life. The quote explains that Spud was trying to get money by selling drugs, “Dealing”, and he had dragged Sampson into it. Towards the end Sampson got out of the whole mess before it was too late. The three kids started out their childhood in the ghetto of Newark, where getting an education was uncommon. Instead, dealing drugs on the corner of the street was common. Kids would drop out of high school to deal drugs all their lives on the street corners of Newark. Unlike the standard kid living in the ghetto, Sampson, George, and Rameck, pursued an education. In their pursuit, they were at the top of their classes in their local schools. Being in the top percentage, the three of them enrolled into the Magnet High School, where the brightest kids in Newark went to school and that is where they ended up meeting. The three of them became friends during their high school years and made a pact that they would continue throughout high school. They continued the pack into college, until when it came time for them to break up. George was becoming a dentist, while George and Sampson were planning to be doctors, so they went to a different Access Med. School. Sampson had some problems in Access Med., but with Rameck’s help Sampson graduated as a doctor. George spent time with his mother at home, while in Access Med. and realized how his life used to be as a child and how it has changed to be so much more. George also graduated and became a dentist. Today, all of them are successful in life, as they enjoy their practice. One of the main conflicts in the story was man vs. society. The three “to be” doctors lived on the streets of the Newark, or better known as the ghetto. All they experienced on the streets was drugs and guns. They were in a one of the worst influenced areas in the U.S. Kids and young adults in the area did not even think about college. In fact, kids would start to drop out of school in the middle of high school to live on the streets selling drugs all their life. In addition to all the problems in the area, the biggest problem was that everyone living in the ghetto was dirt poor.That is why Dr. Hunt, Davis, and Jenkins were troubled. Their society was in terrible shape and most of their population did not even strive for a good education. It was against the norm to go to college in the ghetto at the time. They did not get much benefits as kids, such good schooling, or living a great lifestyle. That is why they had a conflict verse society because their society did not offer much to them. Even though they faced this conflict, it did not stop them from becoming doctors.
The second conflict in the novel is man vs. self. The conflict man vs. self was always there from the beginning of the story to the end. In the beginning of the book, the three kids, Rameck Hunt, George Jenkins, and Sampson Davis were doubtful on the chances of going to college. They had early thoughts that they would be pulled into the drug world, like every other kid. They had that constant worry on their mind, that they making it through life would be difficult, if they ended up as drug dealers on the streets of Newark. The fact that the percentage of people who made it to college in their area was next to none, contributed to Sampson, George, and Rameck doubting themselves for college. Additionally, they also were dirt poor, which meant they did not have any funds for college. Since they did not have any money to pay for college, the possibility of them three going to college was unlikely.
One of the main characters in the novel is Sampson Davis. Just like his friends, Sampson faced plenty of conflicts throughout his life, but a couple of them are: Getting an education despite opposition and escaping situations that involved drugs and the street life. In his neighborhood, going into college and completing an education was unlikely and uncommon, but he persevered to make it happen by becoming a doctor. In addition, escaping drugs was another hard task because drugs found their way to mostly everybody in Newark and staying away from them was Sampson’s key to success. As one can tell, one of Sampson’s personalities is perseverance. He persevered through everything in such as conflicts, academics, and his image. For example, he persevered through college because he started to have doubts of becoming a doctor when he his grades started to drop and his heart just was not in it, but he persevered from the help of his friends and graduated college. Honesty was another one of his personalities. Sampson was honest about everything he did like when he was involved in a small robbery against drug dealers he told the police everything that had happened. He did not tell the police any lies to escape from being put into jail and that resulted to be good for him because nothing was put on his record and he walked out of jail in a moth. Sampson was typical kid in Newark, he had a good muscular body image and had a small mustache. Furthermore, Sampson was not much of an emotional person; He did not overreact when something happened, but he just went with the flow. Another main character in the novel is Rameck Hunt. Rameck faced very similar conflicts as Sampson because they both had a hard getting an education and achieving their goals of escaping the drug life was a major challenge. Nevertheless, Rameck did have a unique conflict which was that he had a tough time controlling his behavior. Rameck had a tough time controlling his behavior in private school when he was walking down the hallway and a 6th grader insulted him by saying his mom is on welfare. Rameck could not hold in his anger and started to kick and punch the other kid for what he had said. Yet, Rameck problems controlling his behavior, he was a nice guy. Ramech was an approachable guy because he was a funny person. His friends always shared laughs while they were around him because he could have put a smile on anyones face. In addition, Ramech was a very helpful person. When he and Sampson were in Access Med. together. Sampson was liking the idea of becoming a doctor less and less. His heart was not there and his grades were going down, but Rameck gave Sampson new hope by helping him study for exams and motivated Samspin with his inspiring words. Unlike Sampson Rameck was an emotional person. As mentioned above, Rameck had a fight with a 6th grader because of a comment he made. That scene showed Rameck’s emotional side and how he is impacted from a single comment.
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