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Tessellation and tilling Carlotta

Symmetries create patterns that help us organize our world conceptually.

Rebecca Navarro

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Tessellation and tilling Carlotta

Symmetry What is symmetry? Symmetry is sommthing that can reflect and rotate. What kinds of symmetry is there?:
Rotational symmetry
Reflective Symmetry
Tesselation Tessellations...
What is a tesselation? A tesselation is a pattern that fits together when you put it together.
Tesselations can be found on walles, roofs, floors and a lot everyday objects Tessellation Symmetry -Building - symmetry can be seen on
Floor panels, brick walles and garden pathes

-Nature - Old and dried dirt often have a symetrical
lines, Leaves can often have a symetrical line on it.

-eating - our table set and plates sometimes have symmetrical patterns on it

and there are lots more... Do we see symmetry every day? What types of symmetry
do we see everyday? Yes, we see symmetry everyday
and in the to answere the question "What types of symmetry do we see everyday?" Please look at the examples given to the right: Reflective and rotational symmetry pictures:
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