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Romeo and Juliet V.S. West Side Story

No description

Jordan Generals

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet V.S. West Side Story

Montague Family Capulet Family House of Escalus
Lord Montague Lord Capulet Prince Escalus
Lady Montague Lady Capulet Mercutio
Romeo Juliet Paris
Benvolio Tybalt

Others: Friar Lawerence
Romeo and Juliet v.s. West Side Story
By: Jordan Generals

Big Idea
Romeo and Juliet Character list
Girls Jets Adults Sharks Girls
Graziella Riff Doc Bernardo Anita
Velma Tony Schrank Chino Maria
Minnie Action Krupke Pepe Rosalia
Clarice A-rab Glad Hand Indio Consuelo
Pauline Baby John Louis Teresita
Anybodys Snowboy Anxious Francisca
Big Deal Nibbles Estella
Disel Juano Margarita
Gee- Tar

Multiple characters are very much alike in many occasions here are a few examples.
Throughout the through stories you may see there are a lot of cases where the characters may be a little more different rather than the same. Some examples are some of the following.
West Side Story
The Action takes place in the West Side of New Youk City! Where two gangs have rivalry, the Jets and the Sharks.
We place our story in the Fair Verona!With two feuding groups the Montagues and Capulets.
Comparing the two
Both of the two books have a lot of different things that are similar in their setting, so here are some things you may notice are different and similar.
Climax Similarities
There are so many different things between the amazing stories of Romeo and Juliet and West Side story so im going to name a few.
A small difference to kill the opponent Romeo used a sword and Tony used a knife
A major differnece is Tony is in a gang and Romeo is just apart of his family that is having issues.
a.Usually in a gang you may be willing to do anything no matter what the consquence most immediately turn to violence
b. Romeo is not in a gang so he wasn't looking for violence it just found him at an unfortunate time
Romeo new nothing of Juliet and the Friar Lawerence's plan, Tony and Maria made their plan together
Romeo and Tony
-Both in love with women that they aren't aloud to.
-Killed someone that effected the life of their lovers
-Both died because of thier forbidden love

Baby John and Bevolio
-Both great friends
-Stay out of trouble

Mercutio and Riff
-Both have a short temper
-Humorous and inapropriate
-Killed at the hands of their friends
West Side Story
Character List
Juliet and Maria
-Juliet marries her true love Maria doesn't
-Maria comes from a poor family
-Juliet kills herself after the death of her husband Maria does not kill herself at all

Tony and Romeo
-Tony is the leader of a gang and must maintain a job
-Romeo is rich and married
-Tony is killed
-Rome kills himself
Riff and Mercution
-Riff is a member of a gang
-Mercutio is not a member of either side of the two feuding sides
Romeo and Juliet
-Both are towns ruined by rivalry

-Romeo and Juliet takes place in a small community
-West Side Story is in a big city

Romeo and Juliet
The incredible tragic story of the Star Crossed lovers forbidden to be together by their family's infamous feud. Romeo and Juliet could not stand the idea of not being together due the events taken place in the story they take away their lives to be together. In the end to many lives are taken and the rivalry is disolved
West Side Story!!
Both stories do not hesitate to get
to a quick start. One event
occured after another.
Romeo and Tony both killed someone inspite of revenge. Neither of them had intended for this to happen.
Interesting enough both of the two fled the secen immediately after they realized their victim was dead.
The two stories main focus point is Star crossed lovers (hoplessly in love, forbidden to be together by an ongoing feud)
Climax Differences
Romeo and Juliet
West Side Story
They have a plan to meet
and escape
Tony is killed
Maria doesn't not get
killed or kill herself
They belive that their true love is dead
Romeo doesn't know of the plan
Romeo kills himself
Juliet comitis suicide
The modern day version of Romeo and Juliet. It takes place in the 1950's and is one of the closes piece's of literature to the classic tale Romeo and Juliet.
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