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Dina Tabit

on 3 June 2009

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Transcript of Geography

Geography In Canada, for the most part, people have good lives financially, and a lot better than people in developing countries. The birth rate in Canada is 13, 000. Death rate is 237, 202 in 2007 and 2008. the literacy rate is 99% of the population. as you can see ethiopia has
less older people living there
and there's a lot more children.
ethiopia is a lot more poor than
canada and has less life expectancy
and more birth and death rates than
canada. This is because in developing countries, such as Ethiopia people don't have much food to eat, majority is poor, and don't have much life expectancy because most people can't eat. Lots of people there, and a lot of Africa is dying of aids. This brings us to birth rate. One of the reasons people decide to have kids is because they expect the kids to take care of the parents when their sick. Which tends to happen often. Then people die eventually, because older people end up getting sick from their aids. This is obviously not the only way people die but a common way. But In Canada, we have fresh food, clean water,
the majority of the population is expected to live
long (at least 70-90yrs). Not as much people are
having kids in Canada as in all or most developing
countries. And unlike developing countries, 99% of our population can read and write. Well since we, as a developed country can go to school,
we can become many different things. Therefore, jobs around
the world could be a nurse/doctor, police officer, FBI agent,
photographer, librarian, lawyer, etc. There are a lot of different jobs in
Calgary, Edmonton, London, Atlanta,
California, etc. These places have more
different types of jobs, varieties, and options. Other traditional industries around the world are different.
Since I have another graph with Ethiopia's population, i'll just
use Ethiopia as an example. Ethiopia's traditional industry sector
is also manufacturing. They don't have the best made cars...
at ALL. Therefore, its in secondary. The traditional industry in our area is the auto
motive sector. I think this is because people are
getting laid off. Maybe also because people are lazy
and don't make the cars as good as they CAN be.
By this, people could lose their jobs, because any kinds
of drivers need cars to work, or people who NEED cars to go to work, and if their late too many days are arent there, they could possibly lose their jobs. The labour pool we have in our area is Automotive.
As i said before, people are getting laid off, so because of that, people can lose their jobs. The employment rate is very low for manufacturing. Automotives is Windsor's overall ecnomic background.
Thats their worst industry sector right now.
There's nothing really that big in Windsor anymore,
and employment rates aren't getting any higher,
so people are starting to lose jobs, or don't get paid enough. I think Windsor's economy is changing, and not in a good way.
Theres a lot of people these past couple years that have been
moving from Windsor to other cities, or countries, We are running
out of good jobs, not getting paid enough, and prices/taxes are
going higher for a lot of different things. If unemployment rates don't
decrease, then in the future, windsor may not have much people
living in it at all because there's not enough income money for them
to live without suggling. There's not even much people living in Windsor, NOW! The Big Idea is to build more companies or bring more companies to windsor, such as the nikken company and so forth, so people can get more involved and get jobs in the company. That would boost up the employment rate more. And if we build more companies that Windsor doesn't have, or new ones, that can attract people to Windsor. WUUUURDDD !!
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