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The Midnight Fox

No description

Ashlee Mallary

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of The Midnight Fox

The Midnight Fox Tom Personality Physical Drive to Aunt Millie's and Uncle Fred's farm during the Summer Drive back to normal life away from the farm Tom spots fox and starts to observe it Tom frees the Midnight Fox & her kid and saves it from being shot Continues living on farm for the rest of the summer Small
Boy Observant
Determined Protagonist-
tries to save the fox Fox Physical Personality Black
Quick Sneaky
Compassionate Uncle & Aunt Personality Physical Antagonist-
tries to kill the fox Caring Strong Hard Workers Wants to take care of her only kid Theme Passion for Others I give this book 4 out of 5 stars! Rating I could not put this book down! It has a good story-line and good charcter & setting description. But there were some few mis-leading sentences, however they came together in the end. PLOT Fred Millie Summary Characters Video That kinda has to do with the book! No one asked Tom how he would feel about spending two months on his Aunt Millie's farm. Maybe that's because he would have said he didn't feel good about it at all. Tom doesn't like animals and they don't like him — and now the city boy has to put up with stampeding baby lambs, boy-chasing chickens, and more. Worst of all, he's lonely. With no friends around, there isn't much for him to do besides explore the fields and nearby forest on his own.

Then Tom sees a graceful black fox in the woods. Suddenly he finds he can spend hours watching her. Without even realizing it, he starts to become more comfortable with the power, beauty, and mysterious magic of the natural world, and to feel that he is a part of nature himself. When the lives of his fox and her cub are in danger, Tom knows that he has to do something.
I think think this character is dynamic and round because at the beginning of the summer he didnt caree about any thing or any one but at the end he wants to save the fox. I think both of these characters are round and static because their attidude towards killing the fox doesnt change however at the begining they act nice but then they knda turn mean I think this character is static and flat because throughout the whole story she wants to keep her baby safe from harm- since it is the only one she has left Suddenly I felt weak. My legs were like two peices of rope... -Tom pg. 136
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