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Fashion in 1960's

No description

Melanie Dawson

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Fashion in 1960's

Fashion in
1960's Conclusion Thank you for your attention! fashion in the 60's was easily
related to the lifestyle & the diverse culture
that each American, at the time, was exposed to. during the 1960's fashion was at its starting era Early 1960's White Fashion Popular Hairstyles in the 60's
Black Fashion
The bouffant
The bubble
These were a formal big-hair up-do that was popular in the 1960s. This was basically just hair arranged high on top of the head with pieaces of hair falling off the sides. This style created an illusion of a longer, smaller face.

The high-towering beehive, also known as the B-52

Flat iron was a way where girls with curly hair wanted straight hair. So by doing this girls would place their hair flat on a ironing board and run the iron across their hair.

Late 1960's The bob and the flip were also "less formal" hair styles Blacks felt that it was necessary to veer away from the thought of "looking white" Blacks felt it necessary to "copy" white
culture Hair Care African Americans used a "conk" also known as a perm. A conk is a hairstyling gel mostly used for african american men in the 60's. This was a chemical that would chemically straighten hair. Or make it look less "kinky" designers
models, socialites, presidental wives magazines American designers-
Bonnie Cashin
Ralph Lauren influental icons jacqueline Kennedy Models/vogue Donna Micthell fashion in the 60's was easily
related to the social tension
throughout the time period Black Fashion Trends Denim mini skirts Dashikis the afro
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