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Freedom from Fear speech

No description

Daniel Foster

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Freedom from Fear speech

Freedom from Fear speech
by Aung San Suu Kyi 1990
"It is not power that corrupts, but fear"
“You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right,”
Aung San Su Kyi was the daughter of British Burma's prime minister, who was assassinated in 1947. Aung would later go on to get married and have two children. To even being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1991.
At the time of this speech the current Burma was ruled over by a dictator, U Ne Win. Who was ruling with an Iron Fist and slaughtering all those who opposed him.
The speech was intended primarily for the Burmese people, to rise up against and oppose the unjust current dictator. That democracy and human rights is the right path to follow.
Why is this speech Considered significant?
The reason why this speech is so significant is the overall message this speech gives to the audience, this is achievable by the three speaking strategies Aung used throughout her Freedom from Fear speech.
1. Started with a bold statement
2. The use of personal emotion
3. Everyone could participate

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