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Timmy Turner

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner:

Depressed Schizophrenic

Poor Timmy...
Depression: mental illness in which one feels sad, hopeless, unimportant, and often is unable to live in a normal way
Timmy Turner, is a victim of neglect, verbal and physical abuse.
He is constantly left alone by his parents, and tortured by his cruel babysitter. He has a hard time with friends. This lonely combination can easily spark depression in a young boy.

Timmy feels
Constantly sad
Timmy as a Schizophrenic
Schizophrenia: a mental illness in which someone cannot think or behave normally and often experiences delusions.

Timmy imagines he has fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda, his depression attributes to this elaborate delusion of fairies and the Fairy world. Due to his harsh and depressing reality, Timmy fantasizes about more loving and caring parents.
Treatment, it's better than magic!
Timmy should see a psychiatrist and a family therapist for both his mental illnesses. For his depression, Timmy could also be prescribed antidepressants to aid his recovery. For his schizophrenia, Timmy should be prescribed medication or could even try electroconvulsive therapy. The Turner family should work together to help Timmy. His parents should show him more love, support, and give him more attention. With treatment Timmy will be able to be happy, normal, and successful as an adult.
A dark message within the theme song
Depression can lead to....
Imaginary friend
Fairy Odd Parents
The difference between a childhood imaginary friend and Timmy's fairy odd parents is that one is harmless and innocent. Timmy's fairies are just figments of his imagination that he allows to influence his actions and reality. He truly believes that Cosmo
and Wanda exist.
Without Treatment,
Timmy will become increasing delusional and could suffer major consequences. Life on his own will be incredibly difficult and adjusting to adulthood and society will be nearly impossible as long as Cosmo & Wanda are around. He may even become addicted to drugs.
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