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TOK Presentation

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Olivia Scarfone

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

one What roles do emotion and reason play in the judgement of art?
What aspects are used to deem something as artful? Real Life Situation In 2006 David Hensel, an artist, submitted his piece "One Day Closer to Paradise" to the Royal Academy of Arts. In the process, the sculpture became separated from its base, causing the two parts to be judged individually. Ultimately, the base was accepted as "Exhibit 1201" while the sculpture itself was rejected. "Exhibit 1201" What constitutes art? "One Day Closer to Paradise" Artwork in Question Related Issues In this sense, art is defined as a medium in which an artist channels their emotions or ideas into in order to create some sort of reaction. Art, defined

Although the pieces were misinterpreted, the subjective nature of art allows for both interpretations to essentially be correct. Role of Emotion Typically, art is judged by the emotional reaction of the viewer.
For example, Picasso's Guernica is considered a masterpiece for the vivid portrayal of the grotesque Emotive language
Art itself is a symbolic language that draws from the primary emotions of the viewer and artist. Emotions often serve as inspiration for an artist, who then channels that into a piece. Since emotions themselves are highly subjective, the classification and judgement of art is a personal endeavor. On the other hand, the absence of emotions can also be viewed as artful in that it inspires rational thinking without emotional coloring. Role of reason We use reason to logically determine our impression of the piece. One can determine the artistic quality of a piece by analyzing their emotional reaction to it. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Impression Interpretation Impact The technique, structure, and execution of any art generates a concrete representation of an otherwise abstract concept .

natural sciences: textbook pictures With an art piece, individuals use connotative associations and related experiences to conclude a holistic meaning.

history: secondary sources The representation of the reactions and cooperation of society as a whole constitutes as art.
Art in literature is presented in written themes and social commentary in hopes to convey a meaning and/or reaction to influence society. Elements of Art Reasoning Personal Example

- literature contest
-issue of classification Artist's Intentions In one sense, something can be classified as art if the intention was to create art. That isn't to say that things without intention cannot be artful. If the purpose is to create art, or to channel some sort of meaning through a medium, then it can be considered art, regardless of the interpretations of others. Art can be a personal process. This brings into question the legitimacy of art criticism. How can we judge something as volatile and subjective as art? In Conclusion Art in itself is something that creates a reaction in the observer and inspires thought.

Emotions are pivotal in the process of art creation, as they are proponents to deeper understanding and appreciation.

Art is subjective as a whole, yet is objective in an individual sense. Art, because it has such a subjective, individualized nature, can be interpreted to be nearly anything. Almost anything can be interpreted as artful, it just depends on the individual. Therefore, the emotions and thoughts initiated by a piece qualify something as art. Personal Example -flower in charcoal
-technique executed well; no main purpose or message
-emphasize emotional role To clarify, we use reason and critical thinking to deduce the nature of our emotions. We analyze the meaning of our impressions of a piece to create a holistic opinion of it. Nature of Art Exhibition Works Cited

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