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My dream house

No description

Aarón Noppe

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of My dream house

my dream house
This is our first bathroom
This is our second bathroom
this is Aarón's rotweiler
this is diego's Halasca Malamute
There is our attic
This is our private discotheque
there is our small kitchen
This is bedroom for guests
this is bedroom for guests Girls
this is bedroom for guests boys
This is our private source
This is our big kitchen
this is our cellar
this is our mysterious room
This is our portable computer
There is our lounge
This is our plasma TV
This is spider lamp
This is our room for games
there is our icebox
This is our shower
there is our microwave
This is our shits loudly
Thank you for your attention
this is our dining room
This is Aarón's favorite flowers
This is diego's favorite flowers
This is our garage
this is my

moto ferrari

this is my

car ferrari

this is my
RS 1200 bmv
this is my

R1200 RS bmw
this is my

S1000 XR bmw
this is my moto
this is my
bugatti beiron
this is my
formula 1
this is Aarón`s bedrom
This is Diego`s bedroom
this is Aarón's office
This is Diego`s office
This is Aaron`s favorite food
this is our cook robot
this is diego's favorite food
this is Aarón`s relax sofa
There is our cleaning robot
this is Aarón's portable computer
this is Aarón`s TV
this is Diego`s couch
this is Diego`s tv
this is Aarón's IPAD PRO
This are our motos and cars

this is Aarón's IPONNE 5
this is Aarón's IPONNE 6S
this is Aarón's conmputer
This is our formula 1
This is our moto GP onda
This is our car Bugati Beiron
This is our R1200RS BMW
This is our X1000XS BMW
This is our car ferrari
This is our moto ferrari
there are our strength machine
there are our static bicicles-
this is our boxing coat
this is our running machine
this is our sauna
this is our spa
this is our jacuzzi
this is our gymnasium
this is our boxing ring

this is our audio equipe
this are our audio equipment
We chose this house, these appliances and these rooms , because it' s we have in common DIEGO and AARÓN.
this is Aarón's pool
this is diego's pool
this is our pool cleaner
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