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GTM: Rave Computer Simulators

Global Trade Mission 2012

Tiffany Rose

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of GTM: Rave Computer Simulators

Simulation Software
Taking it Further
Manufactured at:



500 C Street Southwest Washington, DC 20472

1300 W Richey Ave Artesia, NM 88210-9420
Rave and Presegis Simulation Technology

1. Product Development-
Terrorist, Natural, and Industrial Disaster simulations

2. Marketing and Sales -
North America = many natural disaster programs
These programs regulated by government are inefficient (as shown through examples)

3. Supply Chain Management -
FEMA and BP that are government regulated in the US

4. Global Finance -
Something to note:
Border Patrol Agents (58 training days at Border Patrol Academy)
Artesia, New Mexico
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
20 regions
Headquartered in Washington, DC,
has 10 Regional Offices located throughout the country
FEMA in 1979
Federal Emergency Management Agency
2003, (FEMA) became part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Support citizens and first responders to improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards
works with federal, tribal, state and local governments, voluntary agencies, private sector partners
7,474 employees in company alone
Border Patrol
Homeland Security Act
of 2002 dissolved the Immigration and Naturalization Service
Put USBP within the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
preventing terrorists and terrorists' weapons from entering the United States
21,370 Border Patrol Agents
maintains watercraft (blue-water craft to inflatable-hull craft) in 16 sectors
Secondary Market:
EU after WWII
European Union
government regulated
fosters economic cooperation from development aid to environment aid
wants peace and stability between countries in Europe
growing membership of countries
Austria, Belgium, Spain, UK, France, Germany, 27 total
Why America?
Why Europe?
Responsibility in
United Nations
Natural Disasters
government underestimate intensity of Hurricane Katrina = Evacuation Failure
Terrorist Attacks
Only 200 fire department units were sent out for 9/11 = – 2,996 estimated deaths
Dependency on Nuclear Energy
8 nuclear plants in the U.S. have recently been declared as threatened by future possible dam failures
Failure of dam = nuclear waste pollutes water nationwide
On July 7, 2005, (7/7) London attacked by 4 bombs:
three on the underground subway
one on a city double-decker buses
The government did not shut down the power in the subways = 3 explosions by power circuits
Overall Finance
A range is used in the pricing because of specifications by the user
** everything in dollars**
Retail Price
5,000 for RR2765 computer
+ 3,000 to 42,000 for software
= 8,000 to 47,000 total price
Manufacturing/Shipping Costs
2,000 for computer
+ 2,000 to 28,000 for software
+ 1,350 shipping (FEMA and BP)
= 5,350 to 31,350 total cost
Initial Profit from computer and software sales
256,000 to 1,344,000 gross income
- 172,160 to 1,003,200 expenses
= 83,840 to 340,800 initial profit
Yearly Profit from software updates
160,000 yearly updates to software to all 32 computers
- 2,000 expense for new software creation
= 158,000 yearly profit
Our return will be 50% of our initial and yearly profits:
First year return will be 249,000
Every following year return will be 79,000
At this rate it would take about 11 years to pay back the whole million
Washington, DC.,
Headquarters of FEMA
Artesia, New Mexico
Border Patrol Agent Training
.. ..

.. ..
19 inches by 3.5 inches 22.5 inches
7 Pounds
Product Development
7171 Sterling Ponds Court
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
10 to Washington 22 to New Mexico
Washington DC cost = 396.40
New Mexico cost = 945.34 396.40
Shipped By UPS
Leading Competitors

What They Do:
Provide raw numbers of deaths and basic graphics.
How We Help
Hurricane Sandy
massive traffic off of 278 and 87 in New York trying to get out of the city
Government poorly coordinated efforts
Our product
Uses numbers and visuals to identify
weak areas in the crisis control
A low cost simulation to improve methods of control
What Rave does:
Satisfy s government needs more successfully than these companies
Gives - Control to the relief team.
Control to the “Chaos” in form of human control (with help of Artificial Intelligence)
Builds a (command center) that us blind other than to the fact of what the HQ would see in a real scenario eliminating "god mode", ex.
Reconnaissance drones and ground units reporting back to the headquarters
More then just raw numbers
Infrastructure graph of roads
high red areas shows where high death areas are
Future Expansion

Europe - High human malevolence attacks

Private Sectors
Building Security
Hospitals - Surgery Simulations and
efficiency improvement
Private Security Contractors
Video Game
Rave does not currently have technical support capabilities to handle this field
Simulation Disaster Video Game
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