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Paint The Wind

No description

Rachael Morgan

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Paint The Wind

Paint The Wind
By Pam Munoz Ryan

1. Maya (protagonist)
2. Moose
3. Aunt Violet (Aunt Vi)
4. Uncle Fig
5. Payton
Maya lives in California with her Grandmother off her dads side. She is living under strict rules, no friends, no fun, just school. Her parents died when she was five years old. Thats why she is living with her Grandmother. she doesnt remember much about her parents, her grandma always tell Maya how much she hated her mom. She lived with no clear story on who she really was.
Inciting Incident
Mayas Grandmother died from a massive stroke. After her death Maya was told she was moving to Wyoming to live with her Aunt, Uncle, Grandpa, and cousin. These family members where part of her mothers side of the family. Maybe she can learn more about her mother, aside from what her Grandmother said.
Rising Action
Maya arives in Wyoming at her familys horse ranch. This ranch is the same place where Mayas mother was raised. There is a large pasture holding many horses. Going from living in a huge mansion in Cali to living in a teepee in Wyoming was a big change for Maya. Her new family lives off the land, using grown food for meals and drinks, using the branches and animal hide to build their cozy living teepees. She is tought to live off the land as they do, she learns life lessons that help in the future.
One day Maya goes on a trail ride with her horse when an earthquake starts. This spooks her horse and she falls off breaking her ankle and leaving a huge gash in her arm. Her horse ran off leaving her stranded not knowing where she is. A few hours later she hears a horse across the field. Her mom told her about a horse she lost when she was younger and it was that horse. A few days past and her wound is getting worse, it is badly infected. Counting the days getting closer with the horse. I would have to say that the earthquake is the antagonist cause it cause her conflict leading to the climax.
Falling Action
After a few days of being stranded with this horse she becomes close with her alowing her to ride the horse home. when she gets home she is reunited with her family. She goes to the hospital and gets fixed up and goes home to rest.
Maya gets really close with this horse throughout the book. She makes a desicion of letting the horse her mother grew up with go to live with the rest of the hurd.
Authors Craft
Imagery- Maya used alot of imagery to describe the scenery around her.

Sybolism- There was a folks tale of a ghost horse that haunts the terane, this was a symbol of freedom.
"If you love something, let it go." The reason I chose this was because she fell in love with Artisemia throuht the book and at the end had to let her go.
Personal- I connected with this cause I have lost something I love just like Maya.

Media- I could find a connection with media

World- Somebody has had to let something go that they never expected to.
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