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DBZ Family Tree

Family Tree of Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin ;)

Erica C.

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of DBZ Family Tree

Dragon Ball Z
Family Trees
King Vegeta
Grandpa Gohan
Android #17
Android #18
Krillin's brother-in-law
Marron's uncle
Loves to drive cars
Made #17 & 18 into androids
Plots to kill Krillin's best friend, Goku
Leader of the Red Ribbon Army
Krillin's wife, Marron's mother
Twin sister of Android 17
Loves to shop for clothes
Goku's adoptive grandfather
He gave Goku the four-star Dragon Ball
Killed by Goku on accident
Goku's older brother and Bardock's first son
Asks Goku to join him
Killed by Piccolo and Goku
Confirmed to be Goku's mother
Bardock saves her many times
Has a gentle personality
Vegeta's little brother
Sent to a different planet when he was a baby due to his low power level
Has a wife named Gure
Vegeta's father, king of Planet Vegeta
Ordered a baby named Broly to be killed for his strengh
Killed by Frieza, along with most other saiyans
Vegeta's father-in-law, Bulma's dad
Founder of Capsle Corporation
Mostly seen with his cat on his shoulder
Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin
Goku's father
Called Goku "Kakarot"
Killed by Frieza when Goku was a day old
Some people believe he's Goku's cousin
Stayed evil unlike Bardock
Killed by Goku
Ox King
Goku's father-in-law
Chichi's dad
Became a loving grandfather
Goku's wife
Strict mother of two
Believes that education always comes first
Main character
Chichi's husband and loving father
Killed by Piccolo, revived, then killed again by Cell
Goku and Chichi's first born son
Named after Goku's adoptive Grandpa
Grows up through entire series (from age 4 to 24, then 34-35 in GT)
Gohan's little brother
Best friend and fusion buddy of Trunks
Becomes a super saiyan when he was 7
Hercule Satan
Videl's dad
Claimed he killed Cell
Pathetic compared to Z Fighters
Gohan's wife and Pan's mother
She found out Gohan's secret identity of The Great Saiyaman
Trained by Hercule and Gohan
Daughter of Gohan and Videl
Granddaughter of Goku and Mr. Satan
Acts immaturely for her age
Goku Jr.
Pan's grandson and Goku's great great grandson
Wears Goku's old clothes.
Fought Vegeta Jr. in a world tournament
Marron's father, 18's husband
Died four times, once killed by Android #17
We was bald until he settled down and let his hair grew
Krillin and 18's daughter
Killed once when she was a little girl by Kid Buu
Once claimed that she's afraid of flying
Bulma's mother and Dr.Brief's wife
Almost never opens her eyes
Z Fighters love her food and hospitality
Most important female character in Dragon Ball series
Vegeta's wife and mother of Trunks and Bulla
Invented the Dragon Radar
The proud Prince of Saiyans
Father of Trunks and Bulla
Starts out evil but becomes one of the Z Fighters
Bulma and Vegeta's son and Bulla's older brother
Best friends and fusion buddy of Goten
Becomes a super saiyan at age 8
Trunks's little sister and Vegeta and Bulma's daughter
She would rather be a Z Shopper than a Z Fighter
Has a cocky attitude just like her father
Future Trunks
Trunks's future timeline counterpart
Came back 20 years in the past to warn Goku of the androids 17 & 18
Trained by Gohan and turned super saiyan when he died.
Vegeta's only relative that isn't human nor saiyan
Tarble's wife and Vegeta's sister-in-law
Hopes that the Earth Warriors could help save her planet
Bulma Jr.
Either the daughter of Trunks or Bulla
Mother of Vegeta Jr.
Becomes president of Capsle Corp.
Vegeta Jr.
Great Grandson of Vegeta
Son of Bulma Jr.
Fought Goku Jr. in the World Martial Arts Tournament
What happens later?...
This involves the Dragon Ball GT teenagers (Bulla, Trunks, Goten, Pan, Vellese, Uub, and Marron). No one knows what happens with the GT kids, but I believe in one out of several theories.
Trunks and Marron
Goten and Bulla
Pan and Uub
(Goten and Vellese break up)
There are other combinations of how the GT teens end up. Like Trunks & Pan, Marron & Uub, Uub & Bulla, etc...
...But I like my way because when they get married, Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin would all be related to each other. And there would only be one big family tree instead of three small ones...
Bulma's older sister
Occupies as a writer and a scientist
Seen in "Jaco the Galactic Patrolman"
Gohan's future counterpart
Became Future Trunks' mentor
Lost his arm and later died against the androids
Future Gohan
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