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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Book by:Roald Dahl prezi By: Fawaz Al Masarani


on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

book By: Roald Dahl
prezi By:Fawaz Al Maasarani Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Theme characters connection conflict Recommendations Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator takes place in
in space and in the chocolate factory The theme of this book is that you should never take allot of what is given to you and that is a theme because Charlies grandparents have to much of what is given to them and something wrong happened to them Mr Wonka
Mr Bucket
Mrs Bucket
grandma Georgina
grand pa Joe
grand pa gorge
grandma Josephine I can connect this book to the book Family Under
the bridge because at the begging of this book charlie didn't want to leave his family the same thing happened in Family Under the Bridge charlie and his family leave there house and go to the chocolate family
they go to high and end up in space
they land on the new hotel in space
the president of America trys to talk with them
the ugly creature tries to kill them
they land back in the factory
they have to go around the factory
charlies grandparents wont get out of bed
they get Mr Wonka's wonka-vite
they have to many and become babies
one of them becomes a minus
charlie Mr Wonka give her another Wonka Vite but for doing the opposite
she becomes 78 again I recommend this book to people who like to laugh
because it is sometimes funny setting plot The conflict of this book is Mr Wonka with charlies grand parents because he tries to get them out of bed why is this book science fiction This book is science fiction because most of the time they are in space and find something like an alien
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