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Web Developer

No description

raha gh

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Web Developer

Eye, neck or back strain from sitting for long periods

Possible long hours

Little time for rest (compared to hours worked)

Continuing education is often required to keep up with advancing technology
Web Developer
By: Raha
Careers Assignment
HTML was the first markup language for creating web pages

Tim Berners-Lee created the first Website in 1989 using HTML

During these years web developing had a significant improvement and many different web page builders were introduced during this time

Every improvement in web design languages/builders provided more features to the web developers
1990s -Early 2000
Late 2000
Nowadays web developing industry is expanded

During these years developers have experienced many different innovations such as HTML 5, Social Networking,Mobile Web and different types of browsers

These changes provide the developers with variety of job opportunities
Work Duties
Plan the website to be made by discussing the needs with clients/management

Design, develop and improve websites by writing codes and using programming languages

Work in teams with members such as software programmers and web designers.

Perform tests and ensure the quality of the product
In general web developers are responsible for creating and designing websites and working with the client in all stages from layout to function in order to meet the expectations.
Working Conditions
Working for companies that need a website (e.g. a bank or government agency)
Self employed(on a freelance basis)
Web developers are either:
They work in
or from
Working Hours
Web developers typically work:
40 hours a week
During regular business hours

Longer hours may be required in order to finish a project or meet deadlines
Other Conditions
Web developers may have local,national and international trips to meet the clients
Long hours of sitting in front of a computer might cause some problems such as back, neck, wrist, or eye strain
so frequent breaks are necessary
Essential Skills
Knowledge of different web and programming languages

Knowledge of typography and design programming

Knowledge of new trends and technologies
Analytical & Problem solving skills

Graphic design and interfaces skills

Strong communication and team work skills

Certification Process
People who want to become web developers either :
Go to a college or a technical school
For 2 years or less
Earn a web development or web design
Diploma / Certification


Go to a university
For 3-4 years
Complete a bachelor's degree
in computer science

Centennial College
3 Schools you can attend in order to become a web developer


Web Development,Web design and Web Applications Development Programming
McMaster University
George Brown College

Web Design and Development, Computer Science

Web Development and Web design

Salary Range
Web developers usually earn an average of $45,000 - $77,000 per year
PayScale's latest reports for web developer salary(Canada)
Job Prospects
Web developers who are skilled and have experience working with different programming languages have a good chance to get a job.
Employment of web developers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.
So there is a high chance for a skilled web developer to get a job
Pros & Cons
Typical Day in a Web Developer's Life
Similar Career Fields

Computer Programmer


Computer Scientist

Business Systems Analyst

Software Engineer

High Salary

Variety of job opportunities (i.e. different types of companies)

Excellent employment prospects

Web developers can work from remote locations(e.g. home)

Web developers build websites and develop applications for the web.

Thank You!
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