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bear river


jessica goodrow

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of bear river

BEAR RIVER BAND OF ROHNERVILLE RANCHERIA Mission Statement YOUTH PROGRAM PROGRAMS : My Personal Duties as a Intern To promote healthy relationships, support and strengthen families and keep them intact. We try to help individual, families, and the entire community heal and learn healthier ways of living without violence through traditional native roles, value family structure. CONTACTS 707-733-1900 ex. 209

Karen Cahill - Director
Elizabeth Varelas- Assistant
Nikiya Mcwilliams -DV
Marguerite Brown Victim Advocate
Juan Carlos - Tribal Youth
Betty Mcgrady Subtance Abuse Cultural activities Community healing ceremony, drumming, sweat lodge, basket weaving, language classes, beading, regalia-making, bow-making, and healthy living. General Social Work Bear River social services can facilitate Family Team Decision- Making Meetings when tribal members are having a difficult strategizing about solutions to family problems
Assistance is offered to elders and disabled persons on issues about S. Security, SSI, Medicare, Medi-Cal , and IHSS benefits.
The Social Service Department is here to meet the needs of our members and when necessary, will connect members to appropriate community resources. To ensure success in all aspects of children.
Cultural activities
Family support
After school activities
School advocate

Victims Advocacy
Check attendance
Finding needs of caretakers and youth
Work closely with youth and teachers
Classroom helper
Talk with community of Bear River SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT
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