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Aural architecture

No description

Enrico Barone

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Aural architecture

Experience of space and place Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter Part I: Sensing your Location

Part II: Aural Architecture

Part III: Everyone has Choices Hearing spaces

How do you feel about the way you are?
Where are u?
What does it mean to be here?

- Offer a language framework Picture of a space where you are not there

- imagination of locating yourself there
- In 3D you are a little bit more there
What is missing?

Spaceless: How to be nowhere?

- Experiment in chambers in the 50s

You can not mantain sanity without a sensory connection to the external world: memory does not help you
Senses determine where you are Evolutionary psychology

1. different area of coverage:
2. different duration in time
3. transport mechanism
4. the source can be sensed or not The cognitive structure of mammals brain sums up all the sensorial inputs from outside to create an internal representation of the external world Sensory Anthropology:

- Cultural relativism
- Functional
- You are how you live
- Cognitive strategies of preference
Understanding the experience of sound

- beyond its physics
- lack of language Characteristics of sound:

a. flows around objects
b. reveals the inner properties of a source
c. it needs Action energy to create
d. time sequence
e. radiates over space
f. multiple sources overlap
g. no respect for private proverty
Hearing serves as a function:

- instant awareness of dynamic events: you know what is happening

- emotional channel in social context

- disability workers

- Physical deafness and Functional deafness EVENTSCAPE An aural event is a natural, intentional, or
accidental conversion of mechanical
energy into sound, which is then
broadcast to the inhabitants of a space.
An eventscape is the composite of
temporal & spatial distributed dynamic
events that are transported to listeners

- Static geometry of the objects

- Dynamic activities Part II: Aural Architecture

The aural influence of passive
objects and geometries on the emotions,
perceptions, and behavior of inhabitants of
a space.

Every space has both an acoustic and aural
architecture, but they describe different
properties of the space Influence of Aural Architecture:

a.Modifies emotional connections
b. Influences behavior of inhabitants
cWinners and losers in aural combat
d. Cultural preferences: politicized, there are preferences
e. Auditory spatial awareness is learned, need for an ear training
f. Inadequacy of common language Language of Aural Architecture

 Social spatiality
 Musical spatiality
 Aesthetic spatiality
 Symbolic spatiality
 Others yet to be discovered The Eventscape

Internal mental representation and external physical world
(sonic events and aural architecture). Designers make choices

Inhabitants make choices

Those are all Cognitve Strategies Technology Provides Choices

Changing technologies give us more

Choices affect how we hear space. Amphitheater
Music chambers
Musical hall
Phone: transporting sonic events
Ipod: modern times Multiple eventscapes

Uniform globalized spaces Who is in charge?

Designers can influence the aural horizons of the inhabitants.
----reverbaration, sound barriers, absorbing sound, linkages and separation

Inhabitants adapt to the acoustic properties
created by the designers.
------ Cognitive strategies Humility and empathy Thank you for hearing my eventscape Depart in silence
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