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Smoking on Campus

COM 1053

Smoking Group

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Smoking on Campus

Valerie Ortega, Taylor Bird, Lauren Fish,
Lance Kimbro, Toby Van-Lare & Lulu Salazar Smoking on Campus Goal The Cost
of Habit Culture Solutions Dorms UTSA Housing Contract prohibits smoking in any on-campus housing facility. Health Effects Perspectives to
Consider It may take, on average, of about 14 attempts to quit smoking, but there are strategies to aid individuals who are intent on quitting. Strategies include:
Planning carefully
Exercising daily
Eating right and sleeping well
Consult a doctor (Nicotine)
Seeking support - DON'T DO IT ALONE!!!
Other forms of aid include:
Anti-smoking Organizations include: American Lung Association, American Cancer Association, National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention.
Online Communities can be found on popular social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter Interviews:
3/5: are okay with smoking as long as its further away from the dorms.
1/5: believe it should be banned
1/5: believe it should be allowed (smoker) * as reported by the USDA An estimated 360 billion cigarettes were bought and consumed in the US in 2007 *
A pack-a-day smoker will consume around 7,300 cigarettes a year and will spend about $2,372 annually on their habit.
Collectively smokers in the US will spend about $11.7 trillion on cigarettes annually
1.3 trillion pounds of cigarette butts are discarded annually
Butts are considered toxic waste due to the environmental leachates such as nicotine and ethylphenol and the non-biodegradable cellulose acetate used to make cigarette filters. Health Risks
Costs of Smoking
Impact on Environment
Social and Cultural Influences
Smoking on Campus
Adopting a campus wide smoke-free policy Designated Smoking Areas Unity between smokers & non smokers Campus Clean Up: only one person said they would be willing to participate
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