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Gamma Eta Sorority IUPUI Expansion

No description

Christianne Medrano

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Gamma Eta Sorority IUPUI Expansion

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc
Thank you for your time & visiting with us!
We are the sisters of Gamma Eta: An Overview
Our Herstory
How Does Gamma Eta Function?
So... why
Gamma Eta ?
The Women Who Comprise Our Sisterhood!
Over 450 women initiated since 1995
Extensive Alumni Network
Respect, celebration, and embracing of various cultural differences
Challenge the Status Quo
Challenging stereotypes
Serving as advocates for change and social justice with love and civility
Scholarly focused
98% graduation rate
95% retention rate for active
a large number of sisters in
graduate and professional schools in
various fields
We seek innovative practices to
make our sisterhood and community
better: culturally and fraternally
We are women of different cultures
and experiences...
We are Sisters.
So, What do Gamma Etas value?
Our Seven Pillars
What we bring to the IUPUI Community
Fraternal Values of: Leadership, Unity, Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship, Strength, and Diversity
The "Spirit of Multiculturalism" as members of the NMGC, we were founded with diversity as one of our core values
The opportunity for women of various racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to come together and celebrate each others differences & commonalities
Provide a different perspective to culturally-based orgs
Strong sense of interfraternal unity through the understanding of our place in fraternal history and our rule in its relevance in the future

Alpha Chapter - University of Florida
Beta Chapter - University of North Florida
Gamma Chapter - University of Arkansas
Delta Chapter - Jacksonville University
Epsilon Chapter - University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Zeta Chapter - University of Georgia
Eta Colony - Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Hoy y Siempre
Today and Always
Alpha Chi Alpha - Orlando Area
Alpha Chi Beta - Miami Area
Alpha Chi Gamma - North Florida Area
Alpha Chi Delta - Northwest Arkansas
Alpha Chi Epsilon - Washington, DC Metro Area
Our Symbols
Founded in 1995 at the University of Florida by 18 Founding Mothers as Gamma Eta Society
Spring of 1996 adopted Breast Cancer Awareness and Research as our National Philanthropy
Incorporated on Aug 2, 1992 as Gamma Eta Sorority
Our National Board was established in the Spring of 2000
First expansion was UNF in the Spring of 2003
Joined the National Multicultural Greek Council on July 2, 2006.
We have 469 initiated sisters as of Fall 2013
The Sun
The Fleur de Lis
The Sunflower

Our Colors

Our Motto
"Hoy y Siempre"
Alumnae Networks
& Involvement
IUPUI would be the first chapter in Indiana
Alumnae network in Chicago is active and committed
Advancement in technology allows for distance advising and real time presence in chapter meetings
Financial Commitment
Gamma Eta is transparent with financial commitment during recruitment
Finances are essential in sustainability
National Dues: $325 per chapter/semester & $55 per sister
Local Chapter Dues: Average $250
Local Council Dues $10-$20
New Member Dues $250
$100 application fee
$150 new member process fee
Chapters are expected to fund raise to subsidize costs of membership

Membership Intake, Chapter Development, and Colonization
New member recruitment and intake
is an 8-week process, which includes:
recruitment (approx. 2 weeks)
interest group process (approx. 2 weeks)
new member education process (approx. 4 weeks)
Chapter Development
is a 12-week process after initiation
Chapter Colonization to Charter
is a one year process
Charter Accountability and Review
happens every two years after charter is received
Leadership Development

The Purple Brick Academy
The Sunshine Academy
The National Sisterhood Conference
University sponsored retreats/conferences
National Programs & Activities
Powder puff Football Tournament
Races and 5K's for the Cure
Breast Cancer Awareness Week
Breast Cancer Awareness and Research Brunch
Local Chapter Philanthropies
Gamma Eta Week of Events
Winter Formal & Awards Ceremony
Ohana Family Weekend/ Dia de la Familia
Socials with interfraternal council members
Sisterhood events
...committed to making a better campus!
Thank you!
Chris Medrano
Membership Requirements
Minimum of a 2.5 GPA for intake and to maintain to be in good standing
Financially Active through payment of national dues
Follow all local chapter and local council policies and procedures
Follow all University policies and guidelines
Gamma Eta's Mission is to promote sisterhood, diversity and multiculturalism, campus involvement, academic excellence, and community service on the campus and surrounding community.
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