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on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Chile

Fairly conservative
Chilean women not favoring overtly provocative or revealing dress
Western style
Welcome to Chile ! :)
Fiestas Patrias ("Patriotic Festivities") - In celebration of Chilean Independence Day , Spetember 18th.
Vina del Mar Music Festival
Carnaval Andino Con la Fuerza del Sol
Santiago a Mil
We Tripantu
Everyday Life in Chile
Chile was originally under the control of the Incas in the north and the nomadic Araucanos in the south
Chile won its independence from Spain in 1818 under Bernardo O'Higgins and an Argentinian, José de San Martin
Government: Republic
The majority of Chile is either Christian or Catholic. The rest of the religions are a very small percentage of Chile.
Chilean Fashion
Capital of Chile
Chilean Peso
President of Chile
Michelle Bachelet
Current Population:

Official Language: Spanish
parilla chicken
Chileans usually eat four meals a day, they start the day out with breakfast. They eat a light breakfast consisting of toast with very sweet tea or coffee with milk.

Lunch is one of the larger meals of the day in Chile. Traditional lunch foods include cazuela, a clear broth made with rice, potato, corn and meat. Pastel de choclo, a corn casserole made with meat, olives and vegetables, is a popular lunch summer dish

A “parilla,” is popular as a dinner choice throughout Chile and the southern cone of South America. Inside of it is chicken,lamb, and sausages. Seafood is also big in Chile such as Ceviche.

Chileans like to drink red or white wine. Pisco Sour is a grape flavored liquor that is a popular drink for festivals and parties.

Pisco Sour
Pastel de choclo
Street Art in Valparaiso
Valparaíso is famous for its association with Pablo Neruda, Chile's Nobel Prize-winning poet, who lived in and adored the city.

Valparaíso's local government supports and promotes the local street art culture

The number of visitors attracted to Valparaíso for its outdoor artwork has led to development of several well-organized street art tours

Thank you for watching!

Futbol (soccer) as in most of the world is the most popular sport of Chile.
The country hosted the World Cup games in 1962, where they placed in third, which was their best showing of all time.
The Chilean version of Rodeo is very popular in more rural areas and draw huge crowds that rival those in the Futbol contingent.
Ole! Ole! Futbol
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