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Symbols in Schindler's List

No description

Megan McKay

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Symbols in Schindler's List

Symbols in Schindler's List
Symbols in MAUS
Themes in MAUS
Nationalities of Animals
Swastika Path
Girl in the Red Coat
Schindler's Ring
Piles of Personal Items
Themes in Schindler's List
Familial Guilt
Symbols & Themes
Megan McKay
MAUS and Schindler's List
Red Coat
- red flag that the Allies waved as a cry for help

"The Holocaust is not only a tragedy of the Jewish people, it is also a failure of humanity."
- Moshe Katsav
"Many Americans, including many American Jews, were largely unaware of what we now call the Holocaust while it was going on; the nation was preoccupied with defeating the Axis."
- Peter Novick
Change in Colour

flies appear to represent death, as typically shown above dead bodies
memories Art has of the dead and how they haunt him
"He who saves one life, saves the world entire."
- Itzhak Stern
one man can make a difference
1) http://www.sparknotes.com/film/schindlerslist/themes.html
2) http://www.gradesaver.com/schindlers-list/study-guide/themes
3) https://holocaustvisualarchive.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/the-girl-in-the-red-coat/
4) http://www.theholocaustexplained.org/ks4/how-did-the-world-respond/how-did-britain-respond/did-britain-do-enough-to-help-the-jews/#.VhwxILRH2t-
The Will to Survive
seen throughout the whole film
Jews ging to desperate measures to survive
relates to Vladek
The Difference One Person Can Make
Oscar Schindler "I could have done more"
saved 1,200 Jews
The Denial of Truth
not willing to accept what is happening
Oscar Schindler & Allies denial at the beginning
impossibility of escape for the negative Jewish stereotype
the Wandering Jew
"To die, it's easy...but you have to struggle for life!" (pg.124)
-Vladek Spegelman
Prime motivation among Jews throughout the novel
Vladek's experiences demonstrate the constant struggle to survive
Mice (Jews)
Innocent, weak, quiet
Hunted by "cats"
Forced to hide
Viewed as dirty
Cats (Germans)
Brutal predators
Cunning, inhumane
Tormenters of "mice"
Scared of "dogs"
Pigs (Poles)
Dogs (Americans)
Chase "cats"
Protective, helpful
millions of lives that were lost
spirits of the victims condemned
Art's feeling of not being a good enough son
Art's feeling of guilt over his mother's suicide
Vladek is privileged for all the skills he obtains
Vladek's survival hinges on luck
Depends on chance results
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