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"Fish Cheeks," by Amy Tan

No description

Katie Rainer

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of "Fish Cheeks," by Amy Tan

"Fish Cheeks," by Amy Tan
A Close Read
The following passage was written by contemporary novelist Amy Tan. In it, she recounts an experience from her youth. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well-organized essay, analyze how Tan uses devices of language to relate how this experience affected her view of her Chinese heritage.
The Writing Prompt
As you read, mark examples of diction and details that reveal the author's attitude toward the experience.
Close Reading and Annotation
Analyzing Details: Paragraph 1 & 2
Amy Tan includes very specific details about the dinner, such as ______________________, __________________, and __________________ because she wants to emphasize ___________________________.
Analyzing Details: Paragraph 3 & 4
Textual Evidence Context: This detail describes.... Commentary: This detail reveals that the author....
"our shabby
Chinese Christmas"
"noisy Chinese relatives
who lacked proper
American manners"
"not a roasted turkey
and sweet potatoes
but Chinese food"
Through her description of _________________, the author reveals that she feels _____________________.
Analyzing Details: Paragraph 5 & 6
How does the author feel about this behavior?

Quote the lines from the text that defend your answer:
Analyzing Diction
Diction (emotionally
loaded words)
Context: The author
is describing...
Commentary: The
diction reveals...
how she believes Robert
will feel when he doesn't
get a traditional Christmas
that the author already
believes that the differences
between her family and
the minister's family will
cause negative feelings
also: cried, strange,
appalling, despair,

In the passage written by Amy Tan the author uses ____________________ and ____________________ to reveal that an embarrassing experience in her youth changed ______________________________________ by ___________________________________.
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