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The Hallucination (edited)

No description

Courtney Yoder

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of The Hallucination (edited)

By; Isaac Asimov The Hallucination We will be reading this story together. Www.Classzone.com
Please follow along
Ask Questions Whenever
We will be doing questions on this story Question 1 What have you learned so
far about where and when the
story takes place? (setting) Question 3 Do you think that what Sam
is seeing is apart of the planet
or a hallucination? Question 2 page: 338 Question 4 What conflict is
being introduced? page: 334 Why doesn't Robert want
to talk about the hallucinations? * He doesn't want
to get sent home. page: 341 page: 344 * That the "figures"
want to be left alone. * It is lonely and very far from civilization.
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