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No description

Amanda Hinatsu

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Book

Perks Of Being a Wallflower
-Mr.Anderson is his English teacher
-The Brother and sister actually have names
-Charlie danced with Patrick and Sam at the first dance
-They kiss more than just three times
-Ponytail Derek actually has a part, not just mentioned
-Charlie isn't hit by his father after his remark about aunt Helen
-Charlie doesn't walk in on his his sister doing the nasty
-Sister doesn't date Eric
-Charlie never smokes
-Senior Prank: Patrick makes all the shop tools Pink
-Charlies realizes about Aunt Helen at the Psychiatric ward
-Bill is charlies English teacher
-Charlies racist grandfather is not mentioned once
-The suicide letter was read out at the Christmas party
-They replaced the tunnel song "Landslide" with "Hereos" to represent a different kind of "infinite"
-Patrick has more personality
-Patrick and Charlies relationship is less dark
-Brad is not seen with another guy at the park
-Sister gets pregnant and has an abortion
-Siblings names never mentioned because Charlie wants to protect their identities
-Last episode of M.A.S.H. mentioned(very important)
-Charlie gets into a fight prior to Brad & Patricks
-Patrick quits Rocky Horror Show
-Brad is spotted with another guy
-Senior Prank: Grape Kool-Aid filled swimming pool
-Charlie realizes truth about Aunt Helen while getting physical with Sam
What's is this story?

Charlie is genius who is now a freshman in high school. The story is told by Charlie through a series of anonymous letters. going into high school without any friends, Charlie befriends a group of seniors who are considered the "outcasts" of the school. His two best friends, Patrick and Sam, show Charlie the perks of being a wallflower through many new experiences. Together they show him what it means to be a true friend.


What went down in the book, but not the movie
-looks too old
-family dynamics; dad
-more outgoing in movie
-more mentally stable in the movie
-less emotional

-less dark
-less emotional
-doesn't swear

-yearning for Penn State
-the moments she kissed Charlie




Fun Facts
-Director chose Emma Watson because they saw her performance in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and throught she'd be perfect for the role
-Logan Lerman (Charlie) was 18 years old during the filming of the movie, Ezra Miller (Patrick) was 17 during the filming of the movie, and Emma Watson (Sam) was 21.
-Ezra auditioned for the role of Patrick via Skype and got the role within 5 hours.
What went down in the movie, but not the book
Plot Comparison

In all honestly both the book and the movie were amazing. Both are worth your time however we would suggest reading the book before seeing the movie. In order to know all the details of the story and the background information, so that you can fully appreciate how well they recreated the book. There are some things left out but the director did a good job of filling in the blanks.
In short, we approve of both
interpretations. ~Ryan Kerr &
Amanda Hinatsu
Character Comparison

Not so accurate
Main Characters
Charlie is a freshman in high school. He lives in his own world and spends his life watching people. He learns the perks of being a wallflower through his outrageous highs and depressing lows, literally (Charlie suffers from depression). He writes letters to an anonymous person about what's going on in his life. He's extremely lonely and emotional, he's often crying. He's a loner who blends into the background, but when he befriends Patrick he joins a whole new friend group, the "outcasts". This including Sam who he has a crush on.
Sam was Charlie's second friend. She is the step sister of Patrick and a senior at the high school. She is rather laid back with a wild free spirited side. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and has never hesitated to be there for someone who cares about her. During her early youth she experienced a traumatizing experience with a friend of her fathers. Which lead to her hardcore partying with seniors who treated her poorly when she reached high school. She was known for getting drunk and sleeping around. She made some poor decisions but is ending her cycle of stupidity.
Patrick was Charlie's first new friend since the death of his former best friend Michael. They meet through shop class but become friends at the first football game when Charlie greets him as "Patrick" instead of "Nothing." He is the step-brother of Sam and has a thing for the quarterback. Throughout the story we learn more and more about Patrick and his complicated relationship.
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