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Five Nights at Freddy's

No description


on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Five Nights at Freddy's

Foxy is the only animatronic not on stage, instead he is in pirates cove, a place that has a sign that says "out of order" and it is like a large, human size metal container with curtains. If you hear Foxy running down the left hallway, lets just say
game over
. Before Foxy runs down your hallway, you have to keep looking at pirates cove. If you want to survive you must, and I mean must, keep looking at pirates cove so that way if you here Foxy running down the hallway or don't see him at pirates cove shut your door immediately so you can survive the night.
Bonnie is the is the animtronic that looks like a deformed bunny and wears a bow tie. Bonnie pops up at your door the most, but he only comes to your left door. When Bonnie is not at your door he is on stage or in the repair room staring at your camera stalking you.
Chica is the chicken that has a bib that says "LET'S EAT and carries around a plate with a cupcake that doesn't really jumpscare you. Chica is the only other animatronic that comes at the right door. On one of the nights Chica comes right after the phone guy is done talking to you.
Purple Man
Purple Man is the killer of six kids. Do you ever wonder why the animatronics act up at night?... well the six kids that were killed by purple man are Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, and the Marinate doll. It all makes sense because if you look on the internet and search "pretty grumpy bear" on youtube you should find why the animatronics only act up at night and not in the day.
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy is pretty much Freddy Fazbear but a Golden color. There is a 1 out of 100 percent that you will see Golden Freddy. If you see Golden Freddy he will pop up in your office like in the picture up on the top right and disappear. A few seconds later he will come back and on your screen it will say "It's me" and he will show up and kill you,
Game over
for you.
Spring Trap
Spring Trap is purple man but do you know why purple man is Spring Trap? Well, do you remember in the purple man section when it said purple man is the killer of six kids that are now animatronics? After Purple man killed the six kids he ran to the employees only room and ran down the stairs and hid in the Spring Trap suit and couldn't move it and then a trap inside the suit killed Purple man and his soul went from his body to the suit and became Spring Trap.
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear is the main animatronic in the game. Freddy is the guy that carries around the microphone and wears a hat and a bow tie. Freddy always showes up at the right door. If you hear him laughing he is either moving or he his outside your door. As Freddy is getting closer his eyes look like the top right picture.
Five Nights at Freddy's
I hoped you loved my prezi, you should download Five nights at Freddys make sure you ask your parents or guardians.
Thank you
Here is a video all about Five Nights at Freddys.
This video is 3 min and 50 seconds long.
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