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Van Gogh vs Monet

No description

Natashsa Lowy

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Van Gogh vs Monet

Artist vs. Artist the similarities and differences of two famous painters Style Of Painting Van Gogh Monet Important dates and places Important Dates and Places Style of painting Famous paintings Main embodiment of Impressionist style
transformed French painting in the second half of the nineteenth century
Mainly painted landscape and leisure activities of Paris Famous Paintings
Impression Sunrise
Water-Lily Pond
Woman with a Parasol
Water Lilies Evening Effect
Poppies at Argenteuil Born in Paris, France,
November 14, 1840,
Died December 05, 1926
Mother died in 1857.
1859, Monet moved to Paris to pursue his art
Married the mother of his child, and his artistic muse, Camille in June 1870 •Born in Groot-Zundert, Holland, 1853
•Death 1890
•First painting, The Potato Eaters,
completed in 1885
•Van Gogh attempted suicide in July 27, 1890
died two day later Bright colors
Experimented in pointillism
Lots of self portraits
Large visible brush strokes
Impressionist style The potato eaters Full name: Oscar Claude Monet Full name: Vincent Van Gogh Art background Born into an artistic family
Taught himself to draw
Not always interested in art
Doubted his abilities
When Gogh was 16, he was employed by the Hague gallery, run by French art dealers Goupil et Cie
Inspired by french artist, Jean- Millet Art Background Had a love for art at an early age
Loved being out doors and not in a classroom
Father wanted Monet to go into business
He became well known for his caricatures of people in his town
Studied with Charles Gleyre
His muse was his wife, Camille Doncieux
Experimented in plein air painting-(painting outside insted of a studio) Starry Night
The Bedroom
Blossoming Almond Tree
The Night Café
The Potato Eaters
The Mulberry Tree Art Background Cont. Became friends with fellow artist Camille Pissarro and began to study with him.
He was known to suffer from bouts of depression and self-doubt.
This caused him to burn, cut, and destroy over 500 of his paintings in his outbursts. Bibliography A+E Networks. Bio.true story. 2013 . 28 January 2013.
Auricchio, Laura. "Claude Monet (1840–1926)". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/cmon/hd_cmon.htm (October 2004)
"Claude Movet Biography." Biography. A+E Networks, 2013. Web. 11 Feb. 2013.
Van Gogh Gallery. Van Gogh Gallery. n.d. web page. 24 january 2013. Starry Night Irises Sunflowers The Mulberry Tree Self-Portrait, 1889 Self-Portrait Woman with a Parasol Poppies at Argenteuil Water-Lily Pond Impression Sunrise Educated in Brussels for nine month to learn about art
Went to work with the ministry to help the poor and the miners of the town
Was inspired by the poor and sad life they led
Had the ambition to draw and paint figures
In 1884, began working on painting weathered hands, heads and other features of peasants. Art background Cont. Camille Pissarro Fun facts about Both Painters Claude Monet's works are featured in many museums around the world including the world famous Louvre Museum in Paris.
He was 86 when he died. Claude Monet Facts Vincent Van Gogh facts Van Gogh's brother, Theo, died six months after him, and is buried next to Van Gogh in Auvers, France.
In ten years, Van Gogh made approximately 900 paintings.
Van Gogh did not cut off his ear. He only cut off a small portion of his ear lobe.
he was around 47 when he died VS. By Natasha Lowy Paris, France Camille Doncieux The End
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