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Old Yeller

No description

Liz Velez

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Old Yeller

Old Yeller
By:Liz Velez

Characters & their traits

Old Yeller-A golden retriever,he was originally owned by Burn Sanderson but he let Travis keep him to help Travis and his family.
Travis-he is a very brave teenage boy who was left to take care of his family when his father was away.
Little Arliss-Annoying little brother of Travis he is also very close to Old Yeller.
Mama-Mother of Travis and Arliss cooks and takes care of the boys while papa is away.
Rising action
The rising action in this story is when Burn Sanderson shows up to look for Old Yeller and to take him away.
The main theme of Old Yeller is the meaning of adulthood.Travis is seen throughout major events in the story which lead to becoming a better man.
Travis has been left to take care of the family ranch with his mother and younger brother, Arliss while his father goes off on a cattle drive.When a dog comes into the family uninvited, Travis was forced to take in the dog.Though Travis hates Old Yeller at first he learns to love him and eventually become best friends.
Favorite part
Favorite character
The highest point in the story was when Old Yeller was fighting the wolf that had hydrophobia which means Old yeller might have gotten the disease.Travis had to decide whether to shoot him or not.
The conflict in this story is both internal and external.
Its internal because Travis has to decided whether to shoot Old Yeller and protect his family or to not shoot Old yeller and put his family in danger
.The conflict is also external because Travis has to shoot anybody or anything that gets the disease.
The resolution is that Travis ends up shooting Old Yeller.Ultimately Lisbeth ends up giving one of her dog and Old yeller puppies to little Arliss.
Other characters in the story:
Bud Searcy
My favorite part is when Travis starts to like Old Yeller.
My favorite character is Little Arliss because he is mechievous and he also was the first one to love Old Yeller by overlooking his flaws.
Travis ends shooting Old Yeller and Lisbeth gives one of her dog Bell and Old Yeller's puppy to little Arliss.
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