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Aveda application

Jeremiah Cook

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Expression

Has the best learning atmosphere.
Curriculum is broken down more.
Offers a more desireable/educational study abroad program
Offers master series lectures.
Offers more Opportunities to participate in community functions.
Has a definitive environmental committment. Paul Mitchell
By Comparison
FeThe working environment lacked a distinctive look and feel; lt like I was in a mom and pop shop.
Curriculum uses "Pivot Point".
The hair appeared to be pieced and I could almost see how they constructed the haircut just by looking at it
All the blondes in the salon where the same color blonde.
They went and toured salons but had no definite travel plans.
Offered extra certifications to improve employablity. I would have prefered more skills not pieces of paper. Aveda By Comparison
The atmosphere although new and modern felt cold
Curriculum was not explained as clearly.
Offers a trip to L.A.; however, all the pictures I saw in L.A. appeared to be people clubbing. If I wanted to go a club in L.A., I would do that on my own time.
Community functions seem to be more focused on medical issues rather than environmental concerns.
"We are very environmentally friendly" was all I could be told. Xenon ExPression I had some down time inbetween patients and let my creativity out. I find beauty in everyday things Where I learned Principle 11 "Know yourself and seek self improvement." Music
I played clarinet and french horn in high school.
I was accepted into the Peabody Institute after playing for two years.
I found it a great way to express myself and am always looking for new mediums express myself. I have a holistic view on medicine and life. Thank you for taking the time to view my presentation and considering my application. I hope this presentation has given you a little more insight to who I am and what's important to me. Jeremiah's Presentation
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