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Hein Japan Tokugawa

No description

shira banford

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Hein Japan Tokugawa

Social Structure
Heian japan
Tokugawa (Edo)

Heian Japan Tokugawa (Edo)
The Golden Age is an untroubled and prosperous era during which people lived in ideal happiness. The golden age is (1603-1897)
we are a group of islands off of the coast of China and Korea.
source:world history book pg:543
Formalism-forces on modes rejects notions of culture or societal influence instead focuses on mode and genres.
Renewal- their changing certain aspects of the religion.In the sense of renewing it,for their day in age.
Religions- Buddhism,Confucianism and Shinto
They add Formalism and Renewal to their religions.
-Tokugawa was the japans last traditional government
-Peace and prosperity
-Japan was closed off from the modern world.
-Lived two hundred years without any conflicts within country
-Government was flourishing for two hundred years.
Source: world history book pg:542-547
The Highest Levels of Social Structure:
-Shoguns Family
-Priests- Shinto and some Buddhist denominations also confucianism
-Warriors (samurai)
Merchants and farmers. (peasants)
In the 1630s the shogunate issued a series of decrees forbidding Christian books.
The Tokugawa had control over about one quarter of the productive land in the country.
World history book pg 544
The Tokugawa Shogunate was the most effective government that Japan had experienced so far.
political system
Japan, started an urbanized system. Where everyone was making a profit. Merchants, samurais, farmers, officials, and everyone in between.
Source: World History book
page: 544-547
Source: World History book
The Edo era was a span over 200 years,the whole entire Edo period was the golden age of Japan.
Multiple choice
1.) What were the three religions mentioned in the presentation?
A. Buddhism,Confucianism,Shinto.
B. Buddhism,Christianity,Islam.
C. Hinduism,Shinto,Judaism.
2.) How long did japan go with out conflict?
A. One hundred years.
B. One year.
C. Two hundred.
3.) When was the Edo period?
A. 1703-1890.
B. 1603-1897.
C. 1505-1903.
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