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What is F1?

No description

Edmund Blackadder

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of What is F1?

Thing about F1....
Formula One (not "Formula the first"), is one of the most popular sport in the World. Every year, since 1950, twice a month there are eleven teams with two drivers, who are racing for three hours, in bolides that can take their speed to even 360 km/h.
The most popular drivers are Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.
Four the best (with highest notes) drivers are Michael Schumacher (7), Juan Manuel Fangio (5), Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel (both four).
The safiest F1 drivers
Naturally, apart the best drivers, there matter also men, who made something to make this, firstly very dangerous sport, safer and better. They are risking their reputation, loosing time and money, to safe someone else's life. Apart being "formulanes", they were also kinda of fighters.
Legends of F1
There were also many drivers, which with one's style of the ride, sometimes with abilities enrolled forever in F1 history. They are such drivers for example... Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi and two- I think- the most competing with other on the path.
Ladies and gentlemen, Niki Lauda and James Hunt!
Last Word From ME.
Juan M. Fangio
Sebastian Vettel
Michael Schumacher
Alain Prost
S. Vettel
F. Alonso
K. Raikkonen
L. Hamilton
Jackie Stewart.
Called "piousy little scot with beady eyes".
Spending his life on making cars, within his, muuuuuuch more safer.
"Sometime it was ridden as on war on F1 race, but people die on war".
Jackie 'bout racing.
We don't have to say more than necessary.
He was the only man, who stopped (on 66 cms from 173 km/h to 0 km/h) to help his team friend, who's car burnt THAT fast.
But this friend died, at all. Help came too late.
David Purley
Roger Williamson (victim)
He was a British racing driver, with two-time world champion of the Formula One.
Universally regarded as the best racing driver in the history of Great Britain, and in the populous circle's view, also the best driver in the history of the F1.
Ayrton Senna
a Brazilian racing driver, a triple world champion of the Formula One. He started in one hundred sixty one first prize, scored 610 points, eighty one times stood on the podium from what fortieth one times on highest his step. He got sixty five times pole position. In teams Toleman, the Lotus, McLaren and Williams went.
Ayrton is a patron of one of streets of Walbrzych.
Less nice thing is, Ayrton died in an accident in San Marino GP (Imola path), because of... breakdown of the steering column.
James (Jim) Clark
He died a tragic death during the race of Formula Two on the Hockenheim path. The explosion caused tyres, that the racing car of the brogue had crashed on the tree.
End of the biggest driver ever [*]
"Clark [...], we won't forget you..!"
In the place of the tragedy a tiny cross was put with the dug date of the death of Clark; one of the most emotional symbols in world of sport.
Emerson Fittipaldi
Brazilian racing driver of the Polish origin; champion of the Formula One from seasons 1972 and 1974.
Fittipaldi started as the mechanic, after all entered the go-karting and the Vee Format. In the second year of starts a title got the champion of the Brazilian Formula Vee at the age of 21.
Hunt & Lauda, Lauda & Hunt
James Hunt
British racing driver and a TV commentator. In 1976 he became a world champion of the Formula One.
In the course of his career he participated in 92 races, achieved 10 victories, 14 times started from pole position.
Niki Lauda
An Austrian driver, the triple champion of the Formula One. In spite of the dislike of the family he became a racing driver. He attached Formula 2 in 1971 as the driver to the experienced March team.
As the driver, Lauda is known from the sober approach towards races, minimizing the risk and simultaneous maximizing of results.
Rush) - British - American - German biographical sports drama in the direction of Ron Howard. Rivalry between drivers of the Formula One, James Hunt and Niki Lauda is a subject of the film. His world premiere took place 13 September 2013
Podium of F1 paths
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
It is located in an urban park (Parco di Monza is twice bigger than New York Central Park). Monza was third in history permanent racecourse.
Path being found by the Spa town in Belgium. 15 km's version consisted of connected stretches of public roads. Two years later for the first time here a 24-hour race was organised. The first international race for bolides for the first time was played on this path in 1925.
Path built in 1936 for the purposes of tests of the Mercedes. After the World War II the object was rebuilt. The first race of the Formula One on this path was held in 1970. To 2001 they were using the longer version of the path leading through forest. After the tragic death of Clark shortened to the current form.
E. Gutierrez
N. Hulkrnberg
S. Vettel
M. Webber
F. Massa
F. Alonso
H. Kovalainen
R. Grosjean
K. Raikkonen
S. Perez
J. Button
P. Di Resta
D. Ricciardo
J. E. Vergne
A. Sutil
V. Bottas
P. Maldonado
Ch. Pic
G. van der Garde
M. Chilton
J. Bianchi
L. Hamilton
N. Rosberg
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