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Animals ^~^

No description

doraemon >3<

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Animals ^~^

Extinct Animals
Types of Animals
House pet
Types of Animals
House Pet
Extinct Animals
Endangered Animals

The lion is the king of all animals.Since they are so strong,they have no natural enemies. But now we use weapons to push them down,and their habitats have been taken.
The lion is one of the endangered animals
The rhinoceros is a big animal that has a great heavy horn using as their weapons when they get in trouble. Now we use our brain and weapons that can defeat them easily to get their horns.When we get the horns,we sell the horns for a high price.$$$
Komodo Dragon
Endangered Animals
The Komodo dragons are my favourite animals because they are like dinosaurs.But they are becoming lesser because of us.We take their skins by killing them,just for making handbags!!!!!
There are many types of animals as mammals,reptiles!!!On the land, in the sky,and in deep deep sea.
There are many kinds of animals with different shapes and colours.
Well I am going to teach you about animals as deep as sea as wide as sky! Please listen to my tone clearly!That will activate your knowledge in your beautiful brain.
Cats and dogs are the most popular pets.Pets can be your best friends! They give you happy memories about them.

They can protect you as friends or help each other. At my home, my favourite pet is my cat named Sukiboy.He gives me a lot of unforgettable memories.He just looks like my best friend in class 5B!
Name: Longy
Extinct animals such as Dinosaurs or dead plants from millions years ago. First they had been compressed by soils.Next they became oil or coal.Finally we the human beings take that oil and coal to use it.That's amazing!There were three types of dinosaur are:
Well HERBIVORES are types that eat plants
not meat.
Then CARNIVORES are the dangerous
types that eat meat!So be careful when you
go back in dinosaur time!!
OMNIVORES are types that eat both
meat and plants. Just like us.We eat
vegetables and meat everyday.
Thanks for listening.Have a great day!
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