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Copy of KMP

Kim Monday and Library 2.0

Casey Ashe

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of Copy of KMP

Kim Monday Virtual Librarian At-Large +20,000 Students
4 campuses - 4 LRCs Kim Monday:Virtual Librarian in Second life The Plumbing Email Ping.fm A Closer Look at the Components A Closer Look at the Components Personality Graphical Development The First Kim Middle Development Latest Development A Closer Look at the Components IM Chat Email Web Page
"You all make our lives so much easier." "Thanks Kim!" Feedback from Kim's Service Population "Are you real?" "thanks, ill definately look into that. i appreciate your help!!!" "What's this service for?" "Tulsa Community College betters its community through the intellectual achievement, creative energy, and responsible citizenship of its students, faculty, and staff by their engagement in teaching, learning, and service opportunities that transform and enrich lives. Tulsa Community College commits to innovative, flexible, and affordable public higher education that responds to a dynamic global environment." TCC Mission and KIM Innovation sparks our creativity and ensures that the hearts and minds of our students, faculty, staff and
administration are actively engaged in acquiring learning, increasing our knowledge, and leading the community forward. Kim and Core Values What is the Kim Monday Project?

Virtual Librarians Rock!
Social Software: force to be reckoned with
Jump first- assess later!
Committee Mash-Up

Second Life Avatar
Social Media Persona
Embedded and branded virtual reference services
College Wide Information hub

Let's take a look at the numbers:

Fall 2009 Chat Reference Fall 2009 Email Reference Previous semesters 367
80% Reference Oriented
October Highest Traffice Month: 114
20 to all four Kim In-World
Ambassador for TCC
Collaboration across divisions and schools
Creation of TCC campus
Reference and Orientation

Issues Future Directions

Staff Buy-In Schedule "I've got enough to do in my first life thanks." Griefing "lookin' good baby" On or off the desk? Marketing Flyers Business Cards Survey says Nature is so wasteful because scattershot strategies are the best way to do what mathematicians refer to as fully exploring "the potential space." Graphics and Personality webpage Meebo and IM Social Software + Marketing + Outreach 26/38 Second Life
Safety Nets and Protocols Code of Conduct Privacy policy
User Policy
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