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Native American Moccasins

No description

Boomer DeLonge

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Native American Moccasins

Native American Moccasins Native Americans Smart beings who knew the land on which they lived
All for living with the Earth as opposed to taking over selfishly.
Considered useful to the native people of this land.
Made by hand, not by machinery.
Composed of Rawhide and soft leather alike and sinew. (NativeLanguages.org) Hide used was from elk, moose, caribou and deer. (oakmainregion.net)
Early native shoe-style now known as moccasins.
Many spellings of the word.
Comes from the Algonquian tribe, the first natives to come in contact with the Europeans.
Different names to describe the shoes exist. Moccasins were both plain and with design. Materials like horsehair and quills were used to decorate these pieces of clothing that allowed wandering the different terrains of the Earth with a greater ease. Boots, Moccasins, Sandals, Leggings. Oh, my!
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