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Introduction of Music Things

No description

Alan Huang

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of Introduction of Music Things

Introduction of the Music Things The Styles we dance 1. Hip-Hop/ Rap (90-100 bpm)
2. R&B/ Soul (80-100 bpm)
3. Pop (80-140 bpm)
4. Reggae (80-100 bpm)
5. House (118-130 bpm)
6. Funk
7. Electronic
Four Elements of Hiphop Old School, New School East Side West Side Notorious B.I.G
De La Soul
50 Cent
Jay-Z TuPac
Snoop Dogg
Ice Cube
DJ Quik Poppin'
Krump NEW SCHOOL Hiphop House Poppin' Lockin' Breakin' Krump House Recommaned: Olli, Slick Dogg, DJ DOC Earth wind and fire
James Brown
Kool and the Gang
Michael Jackson Lil Jon
E-40 Master at Work
Kenny Dope
Louie Vega
Free Tempo
Vicktor Duplaix How to find these music? iTunes Youtube How to do music editing Limewire Goldwave VIrtual DJ Summary Thanks for your attention On To The Next One"! Jay-Z | Swizz Beatz Ice Cube - Do Ya Thang ` MC
Graffiti Artists:
Funky DL
Busta Rhymes
Chali 2na
J Dilla
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