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William the Conqueror

No description

Tarja Walsh

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of William the Conqueror

By Jess Copland and Tarja Walsh William the Conqueror The very beginning THE BIRTH OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR 1028 ROBERT THE MAGNIFICENT (WILLIAM'S DAD) DIES 1035 Things we might need 1064 1051 william met edward the comfessor edward claimed that at this meeting that edward promised him the throne of England on his death. However, there were no proper wittnesses to this meeting - Only those who wanted to keep on the good side of William.

1053 William married Matilda of Flanders. They had 9 kids of whom seven survived.

After defeating Harald @ the battle of Hastings William gained control over England by the use of the Fueldal system his control over the ppl was gr8tley extended by the dooms-day book ( research dooms day book).

He died in Sep 1087 after suffering from MAJOR internal inguries when his horse scared by embers in the burning norman villlage reared and rammed the pommel (on the saddel) into Williams stomach he took several days to die when he did he was burried he was too big for his coffin and his body had to be stuffed into it. Legend has it that the body split open because it has rotted so much b4 buriel. What was put into his coffin was stolen in 1562 all except a thigh bone...This was removed during the french revolution. No one knows where abouts his skellaton is.

www.historylearningsite.co.uk/william_the_conqueror.htm WILLIAM MEETS GODWINSON PALMCARDS


William was born in 1028, although his exact time of birth is unknown. His mother and Father were Robert I - Duke of Normandy and Herleva. Herleva had a few names, as she was also known as Herleve, Arlette, Arletta and Arlotte. His Parents weren't married when they had William, this is why William was nicknamed ‘William the Bastard’. This 'nickname' was never said to his face when he grew up. He was born in Falaise which is in Normandy, France.


Robert I (also known as Robert the magnificent) died on the 2nd of July 1035 when he was 35.He died on his return journey to Jerusalem and fell seriously ill and died. There are some suggestions that he could have been poisoned. William was his heir and of course when he died William became King at the age of 8. Because of his young age and the fact that his parents weren't married many Lords disapproved of him and in 1040 they tried to kill him.

FUN FACT!! If Robert the Magnificent was still alive today he would be 1913 years old!! Stuff I've done (for the other person) - Done the palm card for slide 1
- Have added Medieval Music in the background
that will (hopefully) work :p. 3.
Edward the Confessor died. William expected to be offered the crown as he was promised in 1064. He was dismayed to hear that Godwineson had taken the crown for himself and planned to invade England. This happened in 1064. 3.
William met with Godwineson after he was
shipwreaked off the coast of Normandy. There
have been rumors that William the Conqueror held
Harold Godwineson captive until he had sworn that William would be King if Godwineson passed away. Other rumors suggest that Harold offered his support willingly. Notes for the other person :) Hey Jess...Im guessing you've gone but in the 'to complete section on the slides the * means that it's been done. Also can you please decide on which Slides you would like to speak. I've also added a funfact thing on one of the slides...I was thinking that you could incorporate those 10 things you didnt know about William the conqueror stuff in the slides that sort of connect :) Im also going to try and put on the Medieval music in the background - I think tht'll b kawl. Oh also Jess...have you done your essay thing?? FUN FACT!
William and his army conquered all of England and then all of its lands were shared out between the king and his barons. FUN FACT!
For many years it was thought that she had some involvement in the creation of the Bayeux Tapestry http://www.3dhistory.co.uk/fact-sheet/054-william-the-conqueror.php 1070
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