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HHAD-Advocacy Day 2013

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Catherine Hinrichsen

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of HHAD-Advocacy Day 2013

Housing & Homelessness
Advocacy Day
"2-11: Hear the Call for Housing and
an End to Homelessness"
Feb. 11, 2013
The Day in Pictures

From Seattle University's
Project on Family Homelessness HHAD 2013 The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance hosts HHAD. Policy Director Michele Thomas (L) and ED Rachael Myers show their red, including the red folder with the message sticker facing the correct direction: out, for all to see! HHAD 2013 More than 50 people attended our first-time Social Media 201 workshop to learn to use social media for housing advocacy. Erin Murphy of Firesteel (L) and Joaquin Uy of WLIHA (R) led the session. @firesteelwa @wliha #HHAD2013 HHAD 2013 Kevin Solarte of WLIHA was one of the main organizers of Advocacy Day. Here, he moderates a panel on homelessness policy, in the church sanctuary. HHAD 2013 HHAD 2013 At our Social Media 201 workshop, our grad student Judy Pansullo learns to use her smartphone to advocate for housing. In the morning, advocates can attend several workshops. This homelessness policy panel discussion featured (L-R) Dan Wise, Catholic Community Services; Margaret Woley, Building Changes; Dr. Melinda Giovengo, YouthCare; and Thomas Green with Centralized Intake in Pierce County. HHAD 2013 Advocates such as Nathalie Gehrke from Seattle's 43rd District, a leader of the U District Conversations on Homelessness, listened to the panel talk about the important legislative agenda items, including investing in the Housing Trust Fund. HHAD 2013 "Advocacy Queen" Nancy Amidei (center) has taught countless citizens how to advocate. Here, she meets Seattle U grad student Perry Firth (L) and senior Ashwin Warrior (R), project assistants on the Project on Family Homelessness. They are about to see Nancy in action! HHAD 2013 Robin Koskey (L) and Margaret Woley (R) of Building Changes, after Margaret's presentation on the effectiveness of the Washington Families Fund in reducing family homelessness. HHAD 2013 Thomas Green, Pierce County advocate for homeless veterans, after he urged the group to advocate for passage of the Fair Tenant Screening Act Part 2. HHAD 2013 Rabbi Bruce Kadden of Temple Beth El, Tacoma, was one of several dozen participants in attendance representing the Seattle U Faith & Family Homelessness Project, our sister program. HHAD 2013 Janice Tufte (L) and Graham Pruss (R) wore several hats that day. Janice is an advocate from Islamic Civic Engagement and consultant on the Seattle U Faith & Family Homelessness Project; Graham is project coordinator on the Seattle U Project on Family Homelessness and a Seattle U research fellow on vehicle residency. Both were just about to meet with Sen. Ed Murray (D-43rd) to talk about issues in Seattle's U District. HHAD 2013 Throughout the day, advocates break into groups to meet with their legislators. Here, Speaker of the House Frank Chopp (D-43rd) speaks with an advocate about people who live in their cars in the 43rd. Curtis Knopf from Youthcare is in the background with an advocate we do not recognize (help us out?). HHAD 2013 During a brief interlude at the rally, Emily Alvarado (center) of Housing Development Consortium Seattle-King County got the crowd to take up the chant again: "What do we want?" "HOMES FOR ALL!" HHAD 2013 As the crowd gathers for the noon rally on the steps of the Legislative Building (the Capitol), Seattle U grad student Judy Pansullo (lower right) records the moment. A veteran filmmaker, Judy is never far from a camera. HHAD 2013 And here is one of the photos Judy was taking, with project manager Catherine (middle left) and Sakara Remmu of WLIHA (center). Photo by Judy Pansullo. HHAD 2013 A sea of red on the Capitol steps! Who can you spot?
About six hundred advocates attended HHAD, believed to be the most ever. HHAD 2013 On the Capitol steps: Seattle University's Project on Family Homelessness team in attendance included (L-R) Graham Pruss, project coordinator; Ashwin Warrior, project assistant; Judy Pansullo, grad project assistant; and Perry Firth, grad project assistant. HHAD 2013 Both of the speakers at the noon rally, including military veteran Quiana Ross (center), were homeless while trying to complete their education. Stable housing helped them get their feet back on the ground. HHAD 2013 HHAD 2013 We were fortunate to be part of Nancy Amidei's U District Conversations on Homelessness group (UDCH). This meant in addition to our large 43rd District meeting (80 people), we also got smaller, more intimate meetings with our legislators. Here, Nancy (right) introduces Speaker Chopp (center) to issues in the U District. At the special UDCH meeting with Speaker Chopp, Graham Pruss (left) talks about the large number of people living in their cars in Seattle. Janice Tufte (center) and Kristine Cunningham of ROOTS listen; next to Graham is a guest from ROOTS. HHAD 2013 In the UDCH meeting with Speaker Chopp, our Seattle U student/project assistant Ashwin Warrior (center) -- who is head coach for Street Soccer Seattle, which serves homeless youth -- talks about how his players have benefited from the Housing Trust Fund. Ashwin learned well from Nancy Amidei (right). HHAD 2013 After our UDCH meeting with Sen. Ed Murray (D-43rd), our senator took us to the Senate chambers for this photo. L-R: Graham Pruss; Nancy Amidei; Nathalie Gehrke; Janice Tufte; Sen. Murray; two folks I need help identifying though one is Kristine's guest at ROOTS; Kristine Cunningham; Perry Firth. Front row: Judy Pansullo and another advocate we need to identify. HHAD 2013 Next, our UDCH group met in the House viewing gallery with Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D-43rd), who told us revenue needs to be part of the solution, including extending taxes that are about to sunset; but, he said, "I'm open to anything." Earlier, in our 43rd District meeting with our two House members, Rep. Pedersen had praised Speaker Chopp's longtime work to protect our state's social safety net. HHAD 2013 Our team, all first-time HHAD attendees, at the end of a long and productive day. L-R: Judy Pansullo, Graham Pruss, Ashwin Warrior, Perry Firth. HHAD 2013 Thanks to the WLIHA staff for another great
Housing & Homelessness Advocacy Day!
Thanks too to Nancy Amidei for giving us even greater access to our lawmakers!

Seattle University's Project on Family Homelessness Advocates: Ashwin, Catherine, Graham, Judy, Perry
Contact us:
All photos by Catherine Hinrichsen except as noted; apologies for the quality.
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