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CV - Mark in words and pictures

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Mark Swinkels

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of CV - Mark in words and pictures

Hi, welcome,

This presentation about my educational and professional history will introduce me in a more unconventional way then a regular résumé.

It gives a little bit more color to my application and I hope you like it.

With kind regards,

Mark Swinkels


The Swinkels family has a long history, especially in the south of The Netherlands. When you take a good look at our family weapon it is obvious that they were excellent swine hunters.
I started making my own
history since May 1st 1985.
Upon birth, I weighed 8.8 lbs
HvA: Amsterdam University of applied siences
Major: Media Marketing & Publishing
Exchange program at Marshall University
Minor: 4 different courses

This building here is de nieuwe
Waag, The new weigh house, Amsterdam
In this street you'll find the Athenaeum Illustre of Amsterdam, predecessor of the University of Amsterdam
This is my work history
RTL Nederland - Online Producer
RTL Nederland - Jr Online Producer
EC Lacrosse 2012 - Media director
Social Mark - Online Media freelancer
KroesKontrol - Social Media project manager
ZIGT Media - SEA specialist
Ilse Media - Inventory coordinator
The Jordaan, an area build and inhabited by
class heroes of the 17th century lived.
I decided to do a minor in the US and I choose Marshall University
Does the name sound familiar? You might have seen the movie about the plane crash
My courses were

Media Literacy,
American History,
Cultural Anthropology and
Audio Production

I deliberately choose for the online industry since that is where my passion lies. Ilse media, currently part of Sanoma Media, was the biggest Dutch publisher and therefore the best choice for me. I started as a marketing intern which inspired me to write my thesis for ilse media as well.

As the marketing intern, I was responible for the internal sales of ad positions. I was kind of an internal account manager.

For the German website Dnews.de I wrote a marketing plan and wrote an advise after an evaluation of the results of the plan.
As media director for the European Championships lacrosse I was responsible for all media related to the event and I mainly focussed on live web broadcasting of all games
I got many questions as a freelancer on how to use social media commercially. I helped companies in different ways like giving workshops or writing stretegic plans
At KroesKontrol I operated as a project manager and I was responsible for structuring and executing projects that always involved social media
Currently you can find Royal theater Carré here, named after Oscar Carré, the former ringmaster of the circus
I love to go out in the city and enjoy a museum visit or a concert and every now and then I play some guitar myself
The West India House
In the HQ of the
West India Company, one decided to build a
fort on Manhattan. Something I am, centuries later, still pleased with as a traveler.
I had the privilege to see a lot of the world and I hope to see much more in the future
While studying at marsh
all, I
was a DJ, news produc
anchor and enjoyed
aspects of radio ma
Sports is another passion of mine and I found lacrosse to be the sport that matched perfectly. It is a sport where strenght, endurance, strategy and technique are essential.

Ever heard of it?
I'm pretty sure you got to know me a little better by now. Give me a call or send me an e-mail so I can get to know you as well
This area is the Jordaan where the working
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