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1920's fashion

No description

kassandra eziquio

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of 1920's fashion

1920's Fashion Men's Fashion Men's Fashion Men's Fashion Women's Fashion Citations.. Women's Fashion Women's Fashion Also, men of the 1920's had a variety of hats to wear. Most of the time you would never see a man without his hat for public or special occasions. For example, there were many choices of hats to flattops, stiff-brimmed hats, boaters, and skimmers. These hats created a classy and respectful look towards many during this time age, which was a very trending style. Sometimes men's suits required a matching vest or waistcoat. They had "v' necks and covered the full body. Men would never let their shirts show from underneath their vest because it looked messy, so they also wore their pants up high. Suspenders will hold them up. -Jennings, Danielle. "Men's Fashion in the 1920's." http://mens-fashion-lovetoknow.com/Men's_Fashion_in_the_1920s. lovetoknow mens fashion advice women can trust. Wed. 28 Jan 2013
-Sessions, Debbie. "1920s Fashion for Men: the complete suit guide." http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s-fashion-men/. N.p., 19 Apr 2011. Wed. 28 Jan 2013.
- "1920's Women's Hairstyles." Squidoo, 2013. Web. 04 Feb. 2013.
- Rosenberg, jennifer." 1925- Flapper dresses InA Style." About.com 20th century HIstory. N.P..,n.d. Web. o4 Feb.2013 Short hair for women was " in" and took over long hair styles. New short hairstyles like " the bob" was popular for all woman. This short hairstyle started in the 1920's all the way to the 1930's. Finger waving, was shaping the hair while wet into " S" shaped curve with the finger or comb. No heated irons were used when creating this look. Beaded necklaces, pins and brooches were accessorize with flapper dresses.
Heels were 2-3 inch high. Before the 1920's heels were black, brown or white. But then they changed to usually silk. Stockings were in trendy pastel shades.
Heavy make-up was used by flapper girls.
Eyes lined with dark kohl
Lips were bright colors
Blush became frequent In the 1920's, women wore clothes much brighter and vibrant than the other decades. Women wore more happy and bright colors.. In the 1920's women wore alot of Flapper dresses. Flappers were described as having a low waistline, risen hemline, and bare arms. Hemlines rose a lot through out the twenties. Women use to wear dresses down to the ankle, but then quickly rised to the knee.
Women's underwear changed to more lighter fitting and increased freedom of movement.
Swimsuits changed from being dark, heavy, bag, and ugly. To form fitting. They also became lighter and more colorful By Savana Regalado, Kassandra Eziquio p.7 During the 1920's, after WW1, a huge impact on men's and women's clothing changed dramatically. Women's clothing became more feminine and brighter, while men's clothing became more classy and superior. Men of the 1920's would casually wear suits on everyday occasions. Styles of suits occasionally changed throughout their time. For instance, men's trousers would become wider to emphasize a man's overall body shape. Cuffs were added to bring out the wingtips (black and white shoes). Also, further into their time men's trousers became baggy, called "Oxford Bags", for a more comfortable feel.
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