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Evidence Based Claims

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Charlene Kelly

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Evidence Based Claims

Evidence Based Claims
-States a conclusion
you have come to...and that you want others to think about.
This girl is stating a claim and she
says she has evidence to prove it!

Choose from the following articles:
Sojourner Truth-"Ain't I a Woman?"
Shirley Chisholm-"Equal Rights for Women"
Venus Williams-:Wimbledon Has Sent Me a Message"

Let's brainstorm some claims about...
Four Corner Activity
(with a twist)
What is her claim and
what is her evidence?
A claim should be supported with specific
evidence not just by opinions.
With a partner decide which claims can be supported by evidence and those that are unsupported opinions. (Write an E or O for your answer).
___American bulldogs are unhealthy.
___Any immigrant that came to America
through Ellis Island was allowed in.
___Byron Bergen students are the smartest.
___Girls never take steroids.
___It is popular to eat insects.
___Out of facebook, twitter, and instagram,
facebook is the most popular.
Types of Claims
Fact based claims
-"It's cold outside"-evidence can support it-it's 13 degrees out."
Scientific based claims
-"Smoking is bad for your health"-Over time science has discovered and proven this claim to be true.
Text based claims
-after reading closely we can make an evidence based claim. Sometimes a claim can be told directly to us in the text like "Tom Sawyer got the other boys to paint the fence". Which makes us draw a conclusion or infer that "Tom Sawyer is clever." With our evidence being-he tricks the boys into doing his work for him.
We are going to practice this skill of making evidence based claims that are based in the words, sentences, and ideas of a text by closely reading and analyzing text.
Independent Practice
While reading closely focus on making textual evidence based claims.
In each corner is a central idea about the article titled "The Bravest Girl on Earth", With your partner you will select the text evidence which supports the claim. Each group will share their answers they found from two corners.
Next class
Pizza slice out...

...Show me don't tell me...
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