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Interior Design

No description

Peter Cox

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of Interior Design

Interior Design
Sydney Designs are on trend
Pastel colours Country style
Interior Design
Team 2 Collaboration Project
Vivid accents with chromatic splashes
Blue is in vogue in 2014
Interior Design is sub-classified in residential and commercial design, including offices, hotels, retail and exhibition spaces

The goal is to optimise and enhance the interior's ambience and it's functionality. The use of different decorating styles will lead to an individual feel of space.

To give the interior a sense of completeness, a theme will be chosen along with furniture, lighting, colour and materials, including the use of trendy elements to fit the style.

Period styles are often part of the themes and only elements of a preferred style are used to develop a tasteful and interesting design.
All Freshome graphics approved
I thought I would check with my freind Doug McEwan from Sydney kitchens, who are one of the largest kitchens companies in Australia. I found that colours prevail in Australian designs for 2014, as buyers move slowly away from the 'allwhite' kitchen.

Colours in 2014
Iliad New York, 2014, Art Deco, viewed 1 May 2014, <<http://www.iliadny.com/furniture/art-deco-console-tables >>

Interiordesignipedia, 2014, Art Deco, viewed 1 May 2014, <<http://www.interiordesignipedia.com/art-deco-interior-design.html>>

Online Antiques 2014, Art Deco Furniture, viewed 1 May 2014, <<http://www.onlineantiques.com.au/Category/1/Art-Deco-Furniture/3>>

Houzz 2014, Art Deco, viewed 1 May 2014, <<http://www.houzz.com/art-deco>>

Houzz, 2014

Houzz, 2014

Online Antiques, 2014

Interiordesignipedia, 2014 Online Antiques, 2014

Illiad New York, 2014
Enza Young Assignment 2b Team 2 LCO003


All four websites are well known, and their expertise and trustworthiness is proven. Based on the five criteria of the Metzger article: accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage, they fulfill all of them:
Dulux is an internationally, reputable available brand of paint.
Yatzer was previously founded by the Greek interior designer, Costas Voyatzis, one of the 100 most influential people in the design industry by French Architectural Digest.
Decoist is a well known, regularly updated interior design and architecture blog. Authors and editor of chief is listed.
House and Garden is a reputable and well known design, decoration, food and lifestyle and created by an award-winning team.
Following links manifest the accuracy, objectivity, currency and coverage of the mentioned links. These links are from and for professional Interior Designers:

Or you might prefer to bring in the glory of the past. To create a Parisian chic interior combine centuries of French design with modern pieces, from Louis XIV to Ligne Roset. An achromatic colour scheme is a smart choice. Black coloured furniture contrasted with golden gilded accessories enhances the feeling of luxury and elegance. http://www.yatzer.com

Each year new trends are exploding. You can follow a trend or introduce it in a subtle way. One trend in 2014 is to bring in different cultures with an eclectic mix of exotic fabrics from cultures such as India, Africa and Marocco. Dulux calls it the Digital Nomad. http://www.dulux.com.au/colour/colour-forecast-2014

Encyclopædia Britannica Online, 2014, Minimalism, viewed 2 May, 2014, <http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/384056/minimalism>

Louvre 2014, History of the Louvre, From Château to Museum, viewed 2 May 2014 <http://www.louvre.fr/en/history-louvre>

Spyrestudios 2014, Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips, viewed 2 May 2014, <http://spyrestudios.com/minimalist-design-a-brief-history-and-practical-tips/>

All references are from credible websites. Spyresudios, a design website, explained clearly what Minimalism is. This was backed up by Encyclopaedia Brittanica online, which has decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge from experts. The Louvre museum homepage had a dedicated accurate history of the museum architecture.

Syracuse Media Group 2014, Take a closer look at master artworks from the Louvre without leaving Syracuse, viewed 2 May 2014,

Museums traditionally have adopted very elaborate interior design styles such as Baroque and Renaissance. To display art from history many older museums interiors actually compliment the intricate frames of paintings and life size statues from history.

Designboom 2014, Designboom, Viewed 2 May 2014 <http://www.designboom.com/architecture/unstudio-collectors-loft-in-new-york/>

Brooklyn Museum 2014, Brooklyn Museum, Viewed 2 May 2014 <http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/opencollection/exhibitions/1021/Peter_Gourfain%3A_From_Minimalism_to_Decoration_in_a_Roundabout_Way._Artists_Statement>

But in the 20th century with the dramatic modern change in art, traditional museums simply do not suit abstract expressionism, pop art and minimalist artwork. From about the 1950’s museums and galleries have adopted mostly a minimalist interior style.

‘Minimalism is characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach’ (Encyclopædia Britannica Online, 2014, Minimalism, viewed 02 May 2014, http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/384056/minimalism>)

The walls, floor, ceiling, skirting and cornices are bare, with neutral white colour choices. Yet many minimalist designed interiors are actually rather interesting to look at. The shape of the room can be curved with often high ceilings, walls that curve to become ceilings, with acute angles and shapes.

‘minimalist design is a design stripped down to only its essential elements.
The unofficial mission statement for minimalist design came from architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:‘’Less is more’’.
Another motto was from designer Buckminster Fuller:‘’Doing more with less’’ ’
(Spyrestudios 2014, Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips, viewed 2 May 2014, <http://spyrestudios.com/minimalist-design-a-brief-history-and-practical-tips/>)

Chyutin Architects n.d., Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, Viewed 2 May 2014 <http://www.archdaily.com/81319/museum-of-tolerance-in-jerusalem-chyutin-architects/fig-07/>

Minimalist Exhibition Design

Leif Jørgensen Architects 2012, Projects, viewed 2 May 2014 <http://leifjorgensen.com/projects/furniture/loop-daybed/>

West, D. 2014, Yatzer, LEGO-luscious Hyper-Realistic Art Exhibition ''In Pieces'' by Nathan Sawaya And Dean West, viewed 2 May 2014 <http://www.yatzer.com/in-pieces-Nathan-Sawaya-Dean-West>

Furniture and lighting choice in modern galleries is usually Post Modern, reflecting the strange plain shapes of the room. They have a sleek shiny feel to them, using glass, or highly polished metal, plastic, or timber. The main thing people notice with minimalist designed rooms is that it is void of clutter, having only what is essential. Minimal use of tables, chairs or other furniture. Cupboards are often hidden away within the walls.

This allows the use of the space to focus almost completely on the artwork being displayed, without distraction.

Should you be one of the long-gone nostalgic era maybe you want to recreate good old memories with the retro style. With a hint of retro colours you can bring in playfulness to your living room and replicate the nostalgic and whimsical time of your teenager years. http://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/interiors/controversial-homes-trends-that-are-back/carpet

Hazel Yule. (2014). Vintage Interior Design, retrieved 26 April 2014 from http://www.interiordesignipedia.com/vintage-interior-design.html

Ty Pennington, Paul Martin, Nick Knowles, Craig Phillips. (2013). 36 Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas, retrieved 26 April 2014 from http://uktv.co.uk/home/item/aid/637946

A key component to a vintage scheme is a large mirror on a traditional chest of draws which becomes a focal point of the room. (Pennington, Martin, Knowles, Phillips 2013)
Lighting is important in a vintage style bedroom. A popular choice is a little chandelier in soft bronze colors which creates a relaxing atmosphere at bedtime. (Pennington, Martin, Knowles, Phillips 2013)
Reference List
Hazel Yule. (2014). Vintage Interior Design, retrieved 26 April 2014 from http://www.interiordesignipedia.com/vintage-interior-design.html
Ty Pennington, Paul Martin, Nick Knowles, Craig Phillips. (2013). 36 Vintage Bedroom Design Ideas, retrieved 26 April 2014 from http://uktv.co.uk/home/item/aid/637946

Image: http://bedroomist.com/2013/05/applications-of-simple-bedroom-designs-in-some-interior-styles/simple-vintage-bedroom-designs/

Walls: Floral or bold patterned wallpaper, painted walls or timber wall paneling are all classics in a vintage bedroom. (Yule 2014)
Floor: Hard wood floor boards stained to a mid-tone with large rugs are the most common flooring choice for a vintage bedroom. (Yule 2014)
Some prefer patterned carpet from a heritage range to reinforce the vintage style. (Yule 2014)

Image: http://quakerrose.com/vintage-bedroom-ideas/vintage-bedroom-ideas-with-white-carpet/
Vintage interior design is a style that has people remembering their childhoods especially the times spent in the homes of their grandparents. It refers to the 1940’s and early 1950’s. (Yule 2014) Vintage style bedrooms create a wonderfully comforting feel to a family home.

Image: http://www.interiordesignipedia.com/vintage-interior-design.html
Color Scheme:
Bedroom surfaces are mainly filled with neutral tones. (Yule 2014) Mushroom color upholstery, button- backed upholstered furniture and bed headboard, plain or leather fabrics and egg shell blue/ navy blue and white cushions are very common. (Yule 2014)

A modern functional kitchen has always been top of mind when selecting a home or renovating. The trend for many years now has been white, white,white. Well according to the people in the business kitchen styles and trends, 2014 will see black,white and wood replaced with exciting colours that take us back to the 1970,s when bright greens and oranges pervaded our lives.
Citrus yellow cabinets with concrete worktops in a modern South African abode are shown here by House to Home.
Or maybe you would prefer pastel colours for a country style kitchen as highlighted by Its Your Home
or as the people from Freshome.com would suggest, a base colour with vivid accents and chromatic splashes will brighten our lives this year. www.freshome.com
or is it all about blue this year. Different shades of blue rolling back into each other will ignite the senses, according to Freshome.com. In this example they feature the colour navy.
Itsyourhome, 2014, viewed April 28, 2014<<http://itsyourho.me/2013/11/06/mint-kitchen-very-country-a-safer--alternative-than-the--stereotypical-burnt-red-and-light-yellow-farm-kichen-with-roosters-in-every-corner/>>
Housetohome, 2014, viewed April 28, 2014<<http:www.housetohome.co.uk/house-tour/picture/step-inside-an-urber-modenist-house-in-south-africa/2>>

Freshome 2014, viewed April 28, 2014 <<http://freshome.com/2014/02/17/18-fresh-interior-design-trends-watch-2014/>>

Sydney Kitchens 2014, viewed April 29, 2014<<http://www.sydneykitchens.com.au/kitchen-004.php>>
Dates from early 20th century when friends became more accessible
Early mass production
natural motifs often used
elegant lines and excellent workmanship
luxurious timeless pieces
Classic Art Deco lines in a modern setting
A modern bathroom inspired by the Art Deco period
A Shell mirror & Geometric pattern combine beautifully with modern bathroom fittings
Backgroud music under licence from Freeplay Music.com for non commercial/student use
According to Pantone and Sherwin Williams, another strong trend we are seeing are dark, bold colours. Plum seems to become the new black. This colour is associated with mystery, grandeur, luxury and nobility. The lavish plumchairs contrasted with the black and white walls give this interior a sophisticated feel.

And now from the influence of minimalism, we look at trends in Vintage Design
Trends come and go and often disappear quickly. The best way to create the beautiful, timely interior you are after is to keep your decor timeless and give it a personal unique look, by blending in trendy elements. Don't buy the 'cowhide' because it is 'all the rage' at the moment. Instead, fill your home with treasures that you love. Regardless of what is in trend right now, remember that your home represents your personality. You can create your own style by merging the past, present and future, which can co-exist beautifully, giving your interior a look that is both timeless and trendy.
We have looked at themes and trends in the world of interior design, with a focus on kitchens, Art deco, Colours, Vintage Deigns, and the influence of minimalism in museum design.
As a team we referenced, businesses, publications, blogs and respected industry opinion in the trends and themes prevailing in 2014. We thank all of our references for the use of stunning graphics and text for this non commercial project, which allowed us to highlight our research.
It is our conclusion that there is a trend to bold, accented colours across the styles under review.
We believe that 2014 trends allow colour preference to be inbult prominently, into the design. The trend follows period designs such as Vintage and Art Deco into 2014 interpretations.
this or
Each one of our websites were carefully chosen to fulfill the following criteria: accuracy, authority, currency and coverage.Kitchen design research visited a range of prominent businesses or publications specialising in design. All chosen references are recognised leaders in the industry. Our Art Deco references were extensive, accurate and from current providers/reviewers in this style.
Period designers were chosen because of established reputations and proven expertise within the Interior Design industry. The vintage design sites were representative of businesses and journalists who focus on the design style.
Our reviewer of minimalism has prior history in this style and was able to present an insight into the trends emerging from proven players and authors in museum design.
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