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No description

Susan Gabrysiak

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Remembering

Remembering Memory Short-term Long-term People fear death So they try to keep memory alive Memorialization a centuries-old tradition New online choices Buy a flower Buy a flame Post info about deceased Does it help? Sure . . .
Maybe . . . Depends on the site Certain deaths, like suicide, carry cultural stigma Stigma inhibits survivors from seeking help No access to relevant site? No knowledge of others who can sympathize Overwhelming choices online Need for specific words in search criteria . . . and some sites just want money Education is key Since death will come to us all, we all need to be better prepared. Just as there are many ways to die . . . . . . there are as many ways to remember. With preparation comes enlightenment. With enlightenment comes acceptance. Acceptance allows us to embrace that which we fear. by Susan Gabrysiak
English 753
4/23/10 The harder it is for us to accept the death,
the more we will try to remember the deceased. Deaths stay in our long-term memory.
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