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Arduino AGS controlled rover - project timeline

refresh the project

Daniel Araguz

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Arduino AGS controlled rover - project timeline

open source hardware UGV - controller = arduino
- rover = i-racer
- Sensors =
-- GPS
-- gyroscope
-- accelerometer
- communication = XBee Auto-guidance system
(AGS) ISO 12188 AGS architecture - Auto-guidance algorithm
- Software data capture
- Software data-logger
- Software rover-control-operation
- interfaces MSc Problems - 1st Prototype - Hacking the rover i-racer
- Programing C++ (sensors)
- Design interfaces (Java) 2nd Prototype - unmanned operation
- sensoring
- GPS tracking
- data logging
- wireless communication TARGETS: 2nd prototype MILESTONES: - Hack the i-racer
- Interface the sensors measurements:
-- GPS
-- gyroscope
-- Accelerometer
-- IMU???
- AGS algorithm the hard long way... 11/2012 1st prototype - 1st architecture design (07/12)
- 1st prototype non-functional design (07/2012)
- Functional architecture (2nd prototype)
- Functional prototype (2nd prototype)
- Acquire 2nd XBee 07/2012 TFM ........ publishing next steps? some... RESULTS! master/slave online control
communication sensors
upgrade agrobot arduino RE-START START 10/2009 05/2011 01/2012 Intern in DJF AU (DK) MSc Agro-engineering MSc's, what do I do for my TFM? 3th Prototype ¡ÉXITO! Agrobot project 03/2012 05/2012 discover
arduino UGV project borns - TFM 01/2013 learning... 1. Phyton
2. Robotics agrobotArchitecture = i-racer+controllers+sensors+actuators+PC
agrobotFunctions = manualOperation+autonomousOperation+scout+?Action
1.1. manualOperation (vehicle) = operator+PC+i-racerController
1.2. autonomousOperation (vehicle) = arduinoController+algorithm+sensors
1.3. scout = dataCapturing+dataLogger
1.4. ?Action = TBD For 1.1 I need Python
For 1.2 I need more Robotics 1.1. MITx: 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

1.2. Coursea-GeorgiaTech: Control of Mobile Robots Python & Robotics I
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