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NPS Presentation

Arts and technology integration presentation for Norman Public Schools GET FIT conference

Jake Heister

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of NPS Presentation

Integrating the Arts and Technology into Core Subjects What is "Arts Integration?" Why use the Arts? So how do we do it? Teaching Core Subjects Through... Music Graphic Design Dance Drama Visual Art Effective Pathway,Supported by Research Digital Storytelling (Telling Stories Using Computer Tools) Photo Story 3 Free Download Requires Free Adobe Flash Player Can Use Still Photos, Text, Music, Narration, Computer Effects Windows Movie Maker Combine Video, Audio, Editing Effects, Still Photos The FLIP Camera http://it.seattleschools.org/BEXlevy/activities/movie-maker/movie-maker/ Cartoon Creation http://www.xtranormal.com pixton.com comeeko.com http://comeeko.com/ps/gallery/view_image/32885833?pos=7&order=date&dir=d&ts=1&page=1 www.toondoo.com Storybook Creation http://storybird.com http://www.tikatok.com http://www.storyjumper.com Tutorials by Kids, for Kids http://mathtrain.tv http://jingproject.com Multimedia Presentations http://prezi.com
(like this presentation) http://www.vcasmo.com Video and Power Point
Side-by-Side http://www.vuvox.com Sliding Collages http://adamsapp.com PDFs with "Hot Spots" http://www.glogster.com Interactive Posters Other Tools animoto.com http://www.timetoast.com Crayon Physics File Conversions Zamzar - Word, PDF, etc. Any Video Converter - Video Files Switch Audio - Audio Files www.online-utility.org - Image Files http://tiny.cc/JuKrP http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/38846 What Do I Do When I Leave Here Today? Do I need to use technology and the arts together? http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/ The Handout to End All Handouts Jake Heister
K20 Center, University of Oklahoma
jheister@ou.edu http://prezi.com/lkv9lbuzuvrf/hotel-rwanda/ http://www.vcasmo.com/video/jcshieh/5456 http://www.vuvox.com/my_vox/show/012eae5b37?presentation=014e68e3ef http://schsap.glogster.com/RevolutionaryWar/ http://carstensenp.glogster.com/glog-950/
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