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5 ways to limit government

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Chris Koehn

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of 5 ways to limit government

5 ways to limit government
1. Constitution
It's a rulebook for government. Tells what the government is, how the laws are made and explains rights and responsibilities of citizens.
4. Consent of the Governed
Citizens give the government their permission to do things. They do this by voting. Voting is our way of changing government and telling government how we feel about what they're doing.
3. Separation of Power
Power is divided among several branches of government. This makes sure no person or branch has TOO MUCH power. Separating power lets each branch "check" or limit what the others can do. Each branch has a specific function.
5. Rights of the Minority
Voting means MAJORITY rules. It would be easy for the majority to pick on the minority. Rights of the Minority means we protect those who aren't in the majority so that everyone is treated equally.
Means laws are fair, enforced and nobody is above the law. Also means government must follow the law...even the president!
2. Rule of Law
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