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Who Am I? Speech Template

A template to guide students through the creation of their English 12 SEP "Who Am I?" Speech.

Mr.Robert Belprez

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Who Am I? Speech Template

"Who Am I?" Speech Template

Part 2: Where Am I Going?
Part 3: How Do I Get There?
Part Four: Conclusion
Part 1: Who Am I?
What are your primary character traits?

Provide examples of situations in your life where those traits were evident.

Primary Traits
What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student?

How have you used your strengths to your advantage?

How have you tried to overcome your weaknesses?

Strengths and Weaknesses

What extracurricular activities have you been involved in (both in and out of school)?

What hobbies, interests, or talents do you have?

What interests you about those activities?

How have you benefited from your involvement in those activities?

Extracurricular Activities
And Hobbies
Describe and comment on any volunteer or employment experiences you have had.

Be sure to include reflections on the contribution these experiences have made to your growth as a person, student and/or employee.

Volunteer and Work Experience
What have you accomplished personally and/or academically that you are proud of?

What motivates you or what is important to you as a person, student and/or employee?

Identify your preferred career pathway(s) and specific career(s) of interest.

Explain why you have chosen this pathway based on how it fits your interests and personal characteristics.

Career Preferences

What you expect to accomplish in your personal life this school or calendar year.

**Use SMART goal Criteria


Refer to “Finalizing Your EDP” for a definition and examples of SMART goals, and draw from your Education Development Plan for your goals.

Short Term Goals
What goals do you expect to have accomplished in your life and career 10 years post high school graduation

Long Term Goals
Describe ways in which you have prepared yourself for the pursuit of your personal and career goals:

classes you have taken
activities you have been involved in
career planning and preparation experiences

Describe the experiences and reflect on the value of those experiences.

How have they contributed to your growth as a person, student and/or employee?

Past Preparations for the Future

What are you doing presently that is contributing to your growth as a person, student and/or employee?

Current Preparations for the Future

What specific plans do you have for achieving your personal and career goals?

Describe the sequence of steps required to achieve of your goals, based on what you know about the career(s)/field(s).

Include the education and/or training necessary to secure employment and be successful in your chosen pathway(s) and/or career(s).

Planning for the Future

Reflect on your personal and educational preparation for the future.

How prepared are you to begin pursuit of your goals?

End with an interesting final comment that wraps up the content of your presentation.

Some possibilities include:
revisiting your attention getting device,
recapping or summarizing the presentation,
and reflecting on the knowledge gained through this process.

Final Thought
Begin with an attention getting device—something that will spark the curiosity of your judges, making them want to pay close attention to the rest of your presentation.
This must relate and connect to your presentation. Some possibilities include
a quote with an explanation
an interesting or startling fact
questions that interest or provoke thought
and props that relate to the presentation

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